“Lob City” Is As Exciting As Billed Through One NBA Preseason Game

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The logical basketball fan in me says: it's the first preseason game, the Lakers still have Kobe Bryant which is enough at least for a playoff spot and, if I haven't mentioned it, this was the first damn preseason game.


DeAndre Jordan Ruins Jon Brockman Not Once, But Twice

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That exasperated look you see above belongs to Jon Brockman of the Milwaukee Bucks, who was the unfortunate victim of not one, but two humiliating plays by the same player, DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers.


The DeAndre Way: DeAndre Jordan Throws Down The Alley-Oop On Jon Brockman

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<a href=""> Oh, poor Jon Brockman. Every coach he's ever had has told him to show and recover on the pick-and-roll, but not that there are times that he's got to defy authority to save his skin. Going mano-a-mano with <a href="">DeAndre Jordan</a>.

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