Déjà Vu

Hank describes some of the best explanations that neurologists have come up with to account for the strange sensation we know as déjà vu.


Deja Vu Is Triggered By Interior Decorating


Hate to break this to you, but that feeling you've had, that you've been somewhere before, maybe in a past life or that you saw in a dream.

Unsilent Majority

KSK Mock Draft: Solving A Historical Mystery


Grab some weed and a box of Scooby Snacks, because we're hopping in the Mystery Machine for this week's draft.


“Notable Quotable” – Eminem’s “Deja Vu”


"AS I, fall deeper into a manic state I'm a prime candidate for the gene to receive the drug addict trait Blood pressure climbs at a dramatic rate I seem to gravitate to the bottle of Nyquil® then I salivate Start off with the Nyquil® like "I think I'll just have a taste" Couple sips of that then I gradually graduate To a harder prescription drug called Valium like "Yeah that's great" I go to take just one and I end up like having eight Now I need something in my stomach cuz I haven't ate Maybe I'll grab a plate of nachos and I'll have a steak And you'd think with all that I have at stake Look at my daughters face.

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