Steph Curry’s Dream 3PT Contest Field: His Dad, Larry Bird, And Reggie Miller

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We're already on record as believing that this year's Three-Point Shootout field is the best ever assembled.


Dime Q&A: Steph Curry On Mark Jackson, 4-Pointers, Sleeved Jerseys & More


The 6-3, 185-pound point guard of the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, almost totally mirrors my own dimensions.


The 15 Best Shooting Duos In NBA History


It's rare when you can have two extremely gifted shooters on your team.


Watch Dell Curry Defeat Son Stephen Curry At Game Of P-I-G


Stephen Curry, if you didn't already know, is the son of former Charlotte Hornets sharpshooter, Dell Curry.


20 NBA Players With The Deepest Shooting Range Of All Time

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Since the 1979-80 NBA season, the three-point line has been a part of the game.


Stephen Curry’s Where Amazing Happens Commercial

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After seeing Kevin Durant talk to the future, Amar'e Stoudemire shooting in an empty gym, Steve Nash practicing back home in British Columbia, and Chris Paul running in high school, check out the last "Encouragement" spot starring Stephen Curry.

#Chris Paul

Meet The NBA’s Marketing Genius

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By now, you're probably well aware of the NBA's "Encouragement" campaign, the latest iteration of Where Amazing Happens.


Dime Q&A: Andre Iguodala on Team USA and the new-look Sixers

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In front of an invitation-only crowd that included Kobe Bryant, Dell Curry, B.


Top 5 Current NBA Father/Son Combinations

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After the success of Stephen Curry this season, and watching his flawless jumper that has been passed down from his pops (Dell Curry), this got us thinking: If there were a father/son 2-on-2 tournament with current NBA players and their former NBA dads, who would win.


This is why people hate the Celtics

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Funny how the Celtics went from everybody's new favorite team (this side of the Lakers) two years ago, to the most hated team in the League today (this side of the Lakers).


Blazers get the Bease-ness

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You saw it coming almost right away.


Dollar Dollar Billups

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Don't let the fact that Chauncey Billups shows little emotion on the court fool you into thinking he's any less fiery of a competitor than Kobe, Dirk, LeBron, Wade or any other big-time clutch player who punctuates his daggers by making funny faces.


Seth Curry and the Duke Sidelines

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After having a father who ran through 16 seasons in the League and a brother who led the Davidson Wildcats to national prominence, you would expect to garner a little respect.

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