Everyone Has A Field Day After Cameras Catch Steph Curry’s Mom Hanging With A Man In The Stands

The Warriors advanced to the Western Conference Finals after beating the Trail Blazers, 125-121, on Wednesday night. Steph Curry, who was honored before the game with his second-consecutive MVP award, had 29 points and was 5-of-11 from behind the arc. His three-pointer at the 3:11 mark in the fourth quarter sent the arena into a frenzy, and his mother, Sonya Curry, just couldn’t help herself.

Video of her hugging a random person next to her quickly made its rounds on the Internet, which never has any chill about anything. It should be noted that “random person” was Steph’s former Davidson teammate Jason Richardson, but it was too late. Twitter was already convinced Dell Curry had a major problem on his hands. From Beyonce and Jay-Z references to “Lemonade” to yet another Crying Jordan (which MJ supposedly hates), here were the best reactions to the hug and reaction seen ’round the world:

Don’t worry, everything seems to be fine in the Curry household. Still, the timing of Sonya’s hug and then Dell’s reaction is perfect — like Eli Manning’s face when he realized his brother, Peyton, would be winning a second Super Bowl, as well.

All we can say is that the NBA’s most-watched family never disappoints.