Report: Russell Westbrook Out Until After The All-Star Break After Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Earlier today, according to the Oklahoma City Thunder Executive Vice President and General Manager, Sam Presti, Russell Westbrook underwent successful arthroscopic knee surgery on his right knee.


The Top 25 NBA Players You Want Taking The Game’s Last Shot


Whether fair or unfair, it's safe to say that today's athletes are judged foremostly upon their ability to shine when the stakes are the highest.


Air Up There, The Professor & Derek Fisher All Show Out In Ball Up Streetball Showcase

On a stop on the Ball Up streetball tour, Air Up There showed off those hops that have been ravaging streetball courts for nearly a decade, while Professor got in a few highlights of his own, often hooking up high-flyer G-Smith.

Vinnie Johnson

You Want To Win The NBA Championship? Make Sure You Have One Of These 10 Role Players

In today's league, we're all aware that it takes a lot of talent to maintain an elite level of play -- just look at Miami's up-and-down performance in the Finals.


LeBron James’ 11 Worst NBA Flops


When Nazr Mohammed lost his mind on Friday night and put LeBron James on the floor with a two-hand shove, we were kind of shocked by the amount of people we heard from on the site/Twitter/Facebook calling 'Bron an actor, saying he was flopping.


Kevin Durant Unleashes One Of The Best Plays Of The Season


While the ghost of Derek Fisher nearly won this game for Oklahoma City -- seriously, the Grizzlies probably expected anything else before expecting Fisher to go for 19 points -- Kevin Durant was undeniably the best player on the floor.


Josh Smith’s Love/Hate Relationship With Atlanta Goes To Another Level; Metta World Peace Calls Out Charles Barkley

The complex layers of the relationship between Josh Smith, Atlanta fans and NBA fans at large run deep, and they've been there throughout his entire career.


The Top 25 Buzzer-Beaters & Game-Winners In NBA Playoff History


This year's NBA Playoffs haven't gotten off to a very exciting start.


Russell Westbrook Destroys The Lakers; Avery Bradley Puts On A Shooting Exhibition

Coming into a meaningful matchup with OKC, the Lakers were 1-9 against the top four seeds in the West, and 1-10 on the road against the top eight in the West.

Shaquille O'Neal

Top 5 First Games Back In The NBA

This NBA season has already seen a number of marquee players return to their teams well after the first game of the season.


Steve Nash Is Back; LeBron Destroys Utah

Christmas came early for the Lakers.


The Dark Knight Nearly Rises In New York City; Ricky Rubio Is Back

The Dark Knight Rises was one of the best movies of the year, and another sequel in the Batman line nearly broke out in MSG last night.


Kobe Bryant Passes 30,000 Career NBA Points; J.R. Smith Hits A Game-Winning Buzzer-Beater

They said they were going to stop the game in New Orleans once Kobe Bryant hit 30,000 career points.

#LeBron James

LeBron James Stops A Starless Spurs Upset In Its Tracks; Golden State Survives A Mind-Boggling Finish

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green weren't in Miami for Thursday's nationally televised game.


The Curious Case Of Derek Fisher’s Search For A Team

Left out of the boomtime summer for older players in free agency has been the over-35 crowd's most accomplished player.


Somebody thinks Harden is staying in OKC; Jim Calhoun is retiring

It's no secret that the NBA is on the mainstream backburner right now -- stuck in that period when everybody is paying attention to football and the MLB playoff chase, when pretty much every important free agent has been signed, and when training camp isn't exactly right around the corner.


Top 10 Remaining NBA Free Agents

The big names signed on the dotted line - or in Deron Williams' case, on the iPad - weeks ago, and the pool of talent is pretty much completely dry.


From Dime #69: Steve Nash – The Lone Ranger

Now that Steve Nash has been formally introduced as a Laker, his time in Phoenix has finally closed its final chapter.


Team USA finalizes the roster; Free-agent vets in high demand

The Olympic gold-medal favorites have their squad in place.

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