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'Franklin & Bash' Season Finale Recap: The Bros Save The Day By Partying

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BROS. Last night was the season finale of 'Franklin & Bash,' and the bros saved the day by partying on a private plane.


'Franklin & Bash' Recap: Bros! Let's Pick A Jury!

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ROBOCOP AKA BROBOCOP WAS ON THE SHOW and also BASH BONED SEXY DA in her office or his office or somewhere. Awww yeah son SEX IS THE GREATEST.

Danny Trejo

Good Night, Sweet Brosephs

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Friends, Bromans, countrymen, lend me your beers.


‘Franklin & Bash’ Seriously Had an Episode Titled ‘Bro Bono’

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As Warming Glow's resident expert on legal matters, shows starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and <a href="">ridiculous TV pitches</a>, "Franklin & Bash" is about as squarely in my wheelhouse as any show can get.

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