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Kevin Bacon Is Starring In A New Commercial About Eggs, Naturally


Kevin Bacon flirts with a married woman in this new celebrity ad campaign brought to you on behalf of the American Egg Board.

viral video

Good Morning, Mister Breakfast

Have you ever wondered what your eggs would say if they could talk? This, probably.

urban farming

Hipster ‘Urban Farmers’ Are Responsible For Homeless Chickens Across The United States


Calling themselves "urban farmers", hipsters throughout the U.S. are responsible for the increased homelessness of chickens intended for egg-laying.


Watch A Woman Throw Eggs At Simon Cowell On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’


As the winning act from Britain's Got Talent performed, a jilted contestant threw eggs at Simon Cowell and the other judges.


Chinese Chicken Lays Massive, Surprise-Filled Eggs

A chicken in the Chinese village of Guizhou has been laying eggs that weigh nearly half a pound (three-times a regular egg) and contain combinations of yolks and additional eggs.


Which Came First: The Chicken or the Egg?

It's perplexed humanity for centuries.



What's inside this giant chicken egg.


UFC Fighter vs. Eggs (in Slow Motion)

UFC lightweight contender Anthony "Showtime" Pettis takes on a carton of eggs, smashing them to pieces with a series of roundhouse kicks -- in super slo mo.



What if dubstep pioneer Skrillex was an egg.


Peeling Eggs the Russian Way

Headphones not required.

#Viral Videos

Here's What Happens When You Crack An Egg Under Water

I'll admit it -- I've been wanting to crack open an egg underwater for a long time, and now, thanks to a hat tip from the Laughing Squid, I finally know what it all looks like.

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