A South Carolina Woman Beat Up A 64-Year-Old Man For Farting In Her Face

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A 33-year old woman and 64-year-old man had a real South Carolina Trash-Off.


‘You Farted During Boyhood’ Is Our New Favorite Craigslist Missed Connection

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Boyhood is the rare great movie that could be made even greater with the addition of an opportune fart.


Honey Boo Boo’s Sister Farted During An Interview With A Confused Steve Harvey

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During an interview with Steve Harvey that aired on Friday, one of Honey Boo Boo's sisters cut her family off so everyone could hear her fart.

Robert Pattinson

Katy Perry Isn’t Dating Robert Pattinson Because She Farts In Front Of Him


In her cover interview for September's ELLE UK, Katy Perry claims that she's just friends with Robert Pattinson because she farts in front of him.


Reddit’s Thread On Farting Will Horrify And Delight You


If you're looking for a way to kill the rest of the afternoon, you could do much worse than digging through Reddit's farting thread.

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