The Gobots Are Coming Back Because Nothing From The ’80s Can Stay Dead

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Hasbro might indeed be reviving the not-quite-as-good as Transformers robots.


Hasbro Decided To Replace Their Penis-Shaped ‘Play-Doh’ Toys After Everybody Complained

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Hasbro replaced their penis-shaped Play-Doh toys, but is the newer version just as offensive?


Hasbro Studios Is Bringing ‘My Little Pony’ To The Big Screen In 2017

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Next up on the toys-turned-movies slate for Hasbro Studios is a full, animated 'My Little Pony' feature.


‘Angry Birds Transformers’ Gets A Very ’80s Trailer

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'Angry Birds Transformers' gets a shockingly authentic story trailer.


‘Ouija’ Has A Trailer. Haha, Remember Board Game Movies?

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The dead board game movie genre comes back to haunt the living in 'Ouija.'

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‘Angry Birds Transformers’ Seeks The Avian Allspark


'Angry Birds Transformers' is not a joke, and will be coming soon. Really. We looked it up.


Did Hasbro Accidentally Reveal The Third ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off?

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At a recent media event, Hasbro announced their 'Star Wars' toy lines through 2020, possibly revealing the title of the third spin-off. Someone as Hasbro is getting force-choked.


Here’s Our First Look At The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Action Figures

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Here's the first look at Hasbro's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Marvel Legends Infinite Series 6-inch action figures. We must possess Rocket Raccoon.


‘Stretch Armstrong’ loses studio backer, death of the toy movie imminent?

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Relativity Media has pulled out of the <a href="" target="_blank">long-planned</a> Stretch Armstrong movie, their collaboration with Hasbro that was supposed to be coming out in April but never made it to production.


The Original ‘GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra’ Writers Are Suing Paramount For $23 Million

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I won’t pretend like GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra was the best movie that we’ve ever seen.


Movies Based On Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, And Action Man Just Got Financed

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Hasbro has signed a deal with Emmett/Furla Films to produce movies based on Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, and Action Man. So we have parody posters.

Transformers 4

Michael Bay Will Choose His ‘Transformers 4′ Assistant From A Doritos Contest

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From the very beginning, the Michael Bay Tranformers saga has been more entertaining than he probably ever intended.


Good news, everyone, Stretch Armstrong is back on!

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It seemed like not so long ago that Universal and Hasbro execs were riding high on a wave of cocaine as big as the Chrysler building, greenlighting movies based on as many board games as they could remember.


Sony, Adam Sandler, Hasbro teaming up to make a Tonka Truck movie

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After Battleship bombed and Universal mostly <a href="" target="_blank">nixed</a> their <a href="" target="_blank">plans</a> for a bunch of board game movies (notably <a href="" target="_blank">Stretch Armstrong</a>, starring Taylor Lautner), you might have thought this toys-becoming-movies trend was on its way out.


GI Joe pushed back to March 2013 because Paramount just heard about 3D

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As if it wasn't already bad enough that they're probably going to kill off Channing Tatum in<a href="" target="_blank"> the first five minutes</a>, GI Joe: Retaliation, directed by Jon M.


Here Is Everything Rihanna Says in 'Battleship'

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Did you think we were done with But that's not what we're here for.


Hasbro are total dicks

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Turning movies into two-hour <a href="" target="_blank">commercials for their stupid toys</a> is more than enough for me to hate Hasbro, but apparently they've also been siccing their lawyers on sites that give them free advertising.


New Battleship Clips: A Warning From Rihanna And Brooklyn Decker’s Quest For A Burrito

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We don't know which is weirder: that Universal sunk over $200 million into a movie about the board game battleship or that it <a href="">opened in the #1 spot</a> in 24 out of 26 countries overseas.

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