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If You Thought Nationwide’s Super Bowl Ad Was Depressing, Check Out This ‘Heroin Epidemic’ Spot From St. Louis

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The NCADA aired a strangely upbeat commercial about a mom losing her son to heroin so it will create a conversation.


Flea And Peter Dinklage Support A Junkie Jazz Musician In The Trailer For ‘Low Down’

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Peter Dinklage's name might be the click-bait, but Flea is the actual reason to watch this trailer.


A Prostitute Has Been Accused Of Murdering A Google Exec Using Heroin

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Meet Alix Tichelman, the high-end prostitute who allegedly killed a Google executive aboard his yacht using heroin.

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This Heroin Smuggler Comes Up With One Of The Most Absurd Alibis Ever


A Virginia man was pulled over for a routine stop, and manages to obliterate his own story.


REPORT: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Last Days Were Predictably Dark

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A New York Times report out today lays out Philip Seymour Hoffman's last days alive in somewhat chilling detail.


Here’s How You Can Get Heroin Instead Of A Happy Meal Toy At McDonald’s

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You're an adult, you shouldn't be getting Happy Meal Toys anymore. Heroin, on the other hand...


Philip Seymour Hoffman was in rehab for snorting H-bombs

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Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of those actors, along with Daniel Day-Lewis and John C.


Should Drug Dealers Get A Bailout?

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And before anyone freaks out, man, the obvious rhetorical answer is… maybe.


Condoms: Our Versatile Newsmaker

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As science progresses and doctors and lab rats find new and interesting ways for us to become immortal daywalkers, we also see great advancement in the world of birth control.


Yo Girl, Get Funky Wit Dis Junkie

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Yo girl, I gots bad news for you, right.

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5.16 The Cooler

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'Just Wright' Is Not Quite [Pop Matters] Heroin About to Get a Whole Lot More Expensive [Gawker] The Worst Possible NBA Jam One-Liners [SBNation] Digital Retailers, Profit Per Song [Wesley Verhoeve] Vans Archive Pack Summer 2010 [Sole Collector] The Bloggers Who Are Reinventing Sports Media [...].

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In this new clip from Iron Man, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.

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