Jameis Winston Shows Off His Brilliant Football Mind By Drawing Up A Crazy Play From Memory

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The potential No. 1 overall pick shows that he's has good off the field as he is on it.


Watch Jameis Winston Get RKO’d From Outta Nowhere In Today’s Best Explanation For That Rose Bowl Fumble

By | 4 Comments

Jameis Winston and FSU lost the Rose Bowl in tremendous fashion, and here's Randy Orton to explain why.

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Did Florida State’s Jameis Winston Deserve An Ejection After Pushing An Official?

By | 12 Comments

Will Jameis Winston be reprimanded for pushing an official? Here's the incriminating video.


This Is The Most Disorganized Sign In The History Of Sports

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This is up there with one of the worst signs ever, right?

College GameDay signs

‘I Am Currently Harder Than ND’s Schedule': Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Florida Sate

By | 6 Comments

Here's Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Florida State, including lots of support for Jameis Winston.


Did Jameis Winston’s Accuser Try To Extort Him For $7 Million?

By | 19 Comments

Jameis Winston is back in the news again and this time he's making some mighty weird accusations against his accuser.

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There Are FSU Students Tracking Down The People Who ‘Tattled’ On Jameis Winston

By | 25 Comments

There was carnage on Twitter yesterday after FSU students went after those who "tattled" on Jameis Winston. Twitter is the worst sometimes.


Jameis Winston Has Been Suspended For Half-A-Game For His ‘F*%k Her Right In The P*$sy’ Stunt

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Why did Jameis Winston get suspended for the first half of the Clemson game. Well, because he's an immature kid, that's why.


Finally, There’s Surveillance Footage Of Jameis Winston Shoplifting Crab Legs

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The security camera footage from Jameis Winston's notorious trip to Publix for crab legs has been released.


Watch Herm Edwards React To Learning That Jameis Winston Stole Crab Legs

By | 3 Comments

ESPN analyst Herm Edwards was both surprised and amused that today's big Jameis Winston scandal involves stolen crab legs.

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Heisman Winner Jameis Winston Brought Down By Crabs In A Barrel

By | 20 Comments

FSU QB finds himself in the national spotlight again, but for the wrong reasons.

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