A Japanese Ketchup Company Invented A Robot That Feeds You Tomatoes While You Run

By | 4 Comments

Tomatan is an eighteen pound robot that sits on your back and feeds you tomatoes while you run.

cell phones

Apple Who? Flip Phones Are Making A Major Comeback In Japan

By | 16 Comments

People are turning to flip phones for their cellular needs in Japan. Could the USA soon be following the same trends?


Believe It Or Not, ‘Ninja Day’ Is A Real Thing In Japan


Ninjas are so awesome that they deserve their own holiday, right? Turns out they already have one in Japan.


Hitachi Introduces A Kafkaesque Workplace Happiness Monitor

By | 15 Comments

If you've ever wanted to track the overall satisfaction level of your employees, then you're in luck.


Japan Is Building A New Hotel That Will Be Staffed Completely By Robots

By | 4 Comments

Henn-na Hotel (which translates into "Strange Hotel) will feature 10 robots, including three "actroid" receptionists.


Japan Might Start Forcing Workers To Take Vacation To Combat ‘Death By Overwork’

By | 2 Comments

In order to alleviate the pressures and dangers of overwork, Japan is looking to force people to take vacation.


This Japanese Made Motorized Vagina Will Sync With Your, Uh… ‘Movies’

By | 47 Comments

That's right, it's a motorized proto-vagina that you can sync to your porn.


There’s Now Million-Dollar, Five-Ton, Diesel-Powered Japanese Robots For Sale On Amazon

By | 5 Comments

Japanese Amazon is now complete, because you can now buy a fully functional giant robot on it.


Watch Two Episodes Of The Completely Insane ‘Japanese Spider-Man’

By | 5 Comments

Yes, 'Japanese Spider-Man' is real. And it's spectacular!

3D printing

This Japanese Artist Has Been Arrested For Obscenity After Building A Kayak In The Shape Of Her Vagina

By | 13 Comments

Megumi Igarashi may face up to 2 years in prison for violating Japan's obscenity laws by creating a vagina shaped kayak with a 3D printer.


An Elderly Japanese Man Was Arrested For Dumping A Quarter Ton Of Porn In The Middle Of A Park

By | 6 Comments

A 70-year-old Japanese man was just his friend get rid of some porn when he was arrested for dumping it in a public park.


Japan Is Not Lovin’ The Coming Fries Shortage At Its McDonald’s Franchises

By | 3 Comments

The Japanese really love their McFries. Unfortunately, a labor dispute (and their own gluttony) have forced McDonald's to ration supplies.


Take A Tour Of Some Of The Weirdest Holiday Traditions From Across The Globe


Krampus, Spider Trees, and KFC are only a few of the weird holiday traditions that pop up around the world this time of year.


A New Godzilla Movie From Toho Will Release Before The American Sequel

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Toho released the first 'Godzilla' in 1954, and their 29th Godzilla film will compete with the American sequel. LET THEM FIGHT.


This New ‘Frozen’-Inspired Bra Might Be The Next Big Thing In Bra Technology

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A new bra has been introduced that changes colors when touched by another bra and seems like it's inspired by 'Frozen'.

Hayao Miyazaki

‘I’m Going To Continue Making Anime Until I Die,’ Vows Hayao Miyazaki

By | 4 Comments

Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki gave some good news and bad news before accepting his Lifetime Achievement Oscar.

#The Rock

The Rock And The Great Muta Had Their (Polite, Corporate) Face-Off

By | 3 Comments

Remember when we told you that The Great Muta wanted a match with The Rock? He ended up settling for a photo-op in Japan this weekend.

#video games

Grow Your Gaming Neckbeard With Red Bull’s ‘Diggin’ In The Carts’ Series

By | 12 Comments

Gain some insight on some of your favorite video game tracks, courtesy of Red Bull.

xbox one

Man, The Xbox One In Japan Is Just… Sad

By | 19 Comments

The Xbox One has gone from joke to utter failure in Japan in the space of, uh, three weeks. Ouch.

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