‘Think Like A Man Too’ Sends Kevin Hart’s Screams To Las Vegas

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The guys and girls from 'Think Like a Man' are back in the new trailer for 'Think Like a Man Too,' which sends them on a crazy trip to Vegas.


Doug Ellin Says 'Entourage' Is A Go, Despite None Of The Actors Being Signed

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Entourage creator Doug Ellin Tweeted that the film is a go, despite none of the actors being signed yet.


Sack up, Bros! WB just greenlit an Entourage movie!

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Bros, I feel like I've been dreaming about this day ever since Andrea Fingerblast ski-poled Flapjacks and me after the Chi O slave auction in the back of Steve L's mom's beamer on the way to pledge retreat, and now it's finally here: Entourage is getting a movie.


Jerry Ferrara Got Elbowed In The Face

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Jerry Ferrara tweeted a picture of his injured face after getting elbowed during a game of basketball this morning.


Jerry Ferrara Learns To “Think Like A Man”

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Now that Entourage has ended, the question is what will happen to Jerry Ferrara.


9.2 The Cooler

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Jasmin Rodriguez Facebook Music Coming To A Computer Near You [Houston Press] The Top 10 Cars That Thieves Hate The Most [USA Today] Florida Father, Referees Son's Fight, Pummels Teen Who Beat His Boy [AOL] Jerry Ferrara On The End Of Entourage, Weight Loss [...].


The Ten Douchiest Moments in ‘Entourage’ History

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Google “entourage douchebag” and a <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2009/04/the-president-is-a-douchebag">link from Warming Glow appears third</a> on the search list.

The Greatest Story Never Told

Turtle Says Cop Saigon’s Album!

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2011/01/new-music-saigon-feat-faith-evans-clap-prod-by-just-blaze"> Perhaps if Saigon The Don would have stuck with Turtle and not had Drama "Vanilla-Iced" on the hotel balcony, The Greatest Story Never Told wouldn't have been delayed so hard. But it's all cognac under the bridge at this point. Jerry Ferrara - Turtle to many - goes out of his way to endorse The Yardfather's celebrated debut as a fan and gets a lifetime supply of CD's in the process. Saigiddy's album is available now on <a href="http://widget.uproxx.com/b/52/http://itunes.apple.com/us/preorder/the-greatest-story-never-told/id418202103" target="_blank">iTunes</a> or <a href="http://widget.uproxx.com/b/52/http://www.amazon.com/Greatest-Story-Never-Told-Saigon/dp/B004I1999U/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1297720635&sr=8-2" target="_blank">Amazon</a>.


Shut Up, Turtle

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Paramount Studios hosted a kickoff event for Season 7 of "Entourage," and one lucky entertainment reporter had the good fortune to interview Jerry Ferrara, who plays Turtle, the supposed comic relief whose main character traits are being stupid and liking expensive sneakers.



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From what I've been told, Jamie-Lynn Sigler plays a version of herself who stoops to date fat loser Turtle on "Entourage.

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