2015 NBA Playoffs

Wizards Coach Randy Wittman Has No Idea How To Handle A Whiteboard

Randy Wittman is the embattled coach of the Washington Wizards. Why is he embattled? Maybe it's because he can't properly handle a whiteboard.

2015 NBA Playoffs

What Are The Best One-On-One Matchups In Each NBA Playoff Series?

CP3 trying to prevent TP's baguette baskets, Brow with Dray following him everywhere, a 3&D battle and so much more.


John Wall Says President Obama Talked Smack After Hitting The Game-Winner: ‘I’m Clutch. I’m Clutch’


President Barack Obama was talking trash to the Wizards when they came to the White House on Monday for the annual Easter Egg Roll.


Sneak Peek: adidas ‘Here’s To The Takers’ Ad To Air During The Title Game Tonight

It's coming tonight, but you can watch adidas' new ad -- starring D-Rose, John Wall, RGIII, Novak Djokovic, Leo Messi and more -- here first.


John Wall Favorites 2010 Skip Bayless Tweet Decrying His Court Sense After Dishing 18 Assists


John Wall isn't above a little social media shade, and Skip Bayless makes throwing some his way far, far too easy.

George Hill

George Hill Sinks The Wizards With Game-Winning Layup

Tied at 101-101, George Hill waltzed right by the Wizards' defense for the easy layup, handing Washington their fourth straight loss.


John Wall Thinks He’s A Rock Star, Does A Stage Dive

John Wall is still a basketball player, right? So why is he doing a stage dive?


John Wall Floats Past Courtney Lee In Transition For Beautiful Finger Roll

Kyrie Irving's 57-point masterpiece overshadowed all other Thursday night performances in the NBA, and rightfully so. But the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar wasn't the only Eastern Conference point guard who put on a show.

adidas "Florist City Collection"

adidas Unveils ‘Florist City Collection’ For Damian Lillard And John Wall

The D Lillard 1 and J Wall 1 get a floral makeover by adidas in these new colorways for Damian Lillard and John Wall.


VIDEO: John Wall Admits ‘I Wouldn’t Be Faithful’ With A Girlfriend, So We’re Happy He’s An NBA Bachelor

John Wall was up front when he told Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg he "wouldn't be faithful" if he had a girlfriend. He's a smart NBA bachelor.

2015 NBA All Star

The Five Worst On-Court Moments From The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend

Carmelo Anthony's dud at MSG, the Greek Freak's Dunk Contest, and Redick's two-pointers made up some of the worst on-court performances during the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend.


Video: John Wall Asks State Farm Officials To Join Assist Team During All-Star Game

Chris Paul's National Bureau of Assists team already boasts a stellar starting five, but depth matters in the insurance game just like it does on the hardwood. And considering John Wall is the league-leader in dimes per game, he'd no doubt make a pretty good Sixth Man.


Media Darling John Wall Says Negative Reporter Coverage Is ‘Part Of Their Job’

Kevin Durant openly dislikes the media, but not all stars of the younger generation has such a fractured relationship with the reporters who cover them. Asked his thoughts about the role of media in wake of the reigning MVP's incendiary comments, John Wall defended the group so many of his peers have grown to disrespect.


John Wall Beats Stephen Curry In Brick-Heavy Degree ‘Battle Of The Game Changer’

John Wall beat Stephen Curry in the DEGREE NBA Game Changer, but they both shot poorly, so Michael Rappaport got involved.

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