#It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

‘Save Yourself The Embarrassment': The Many Low Points In The Love Life Of Dee Reynolds

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Dee's love life has been one embarrassing moment after another, and it's time to remember all of them.

#It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The Gang Prepares For A ‘Blaze Of Glory’ In The Latest Promo For ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

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The gang is finally being fired from a cannon into outer space in the new 'Blaze of Glory' promo for the 10th season of 'Always Sunny.'


Everything You Need To Know About ‘New Girl’ Season Four: What’s Going On With Nick And Jess?

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All of the minor spoilers and casting news we could find about 'New Girl' season four.


Kaitlin Olson Tells Conan About Her Awkward Blackface ER Visit With Rob McElhenney For Lethal Weapon 6

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Kaitlin Olson tells Conan about her awkward trip to the hospital after an accident on the set of 'Always Sunny.'


Happy Hundred, Dickwads: One Life Lesson From Every ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Episode

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Tonight, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" airs its 100th episode, so let's look back at everything the show has taught us.


Preview of ‘Sunny’ Halloween Episode

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Today's a little slow, and to be honest I'd really rather be in the park, sipping from a flask and intermittently dozing ona blanket in the sun.

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