‘It’s Always Sunny’ Star Kaitlin Olson Gets Gleefully Profane In The Wild Red Band Trailer For ‘The Mick’

At first, we weren’t exactly sure why a network television show needed the “red band trailer” treatment. After all, it’s not like there’s a cut of The Big Bang Theory that’s stuffed with full frontal nudity and graphic disembowellings. (Someday, perhaps.) After watching the red band trailer for the upcoming Fox comedy The Mick we now understand.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia marvel Kaitlin Olson is making the leap from FXX to Fox for her new series and she’ll be bringing Sweet Dee’s gift of foulmouthed gab with her because kids need to know about curse words sooner or f*cking later. The Mick, which is set to premiere in time for your New Year’s Day hangover, centers around Olson being called into service to take care of her rich sister’s kids even though her behavior would have Mary Poppins abusing Fentanyl in a few weeks time. Of course, Mary might have done better if she told a clown to f*ck off every once in a while. She and Kimmy Schmidt come from different child care camps, basically.

“F*ck me dead!” blurts our beloved guardian after one of the rich brats in her care licks a Benihana grill. If only Tyrese was there to intervene!

The Mick makes its debut on Fox on January 1 (with a healthy bit of bleeping, one imagines) and will shift to a regular Tuesday slot starting on January 3. Kaitlin Olson is more than holding up her end of the bargain in this quick peek and It’s Always Sunny vets John and Dave Chernin will be co-piloting this thing, so all the more reason to feel optimistic about 2017. (Even if the joke’s on Dee.)