Porn Parody Masters Woodrocket Create Their Own ‘Fifty Shades Of Santa’

By | 16 Comments

Santa Claus is coming... honestly I think you can insert your own porn pun here at this point.


The Hunger Games Porn Parody Wishes ‘May The Odds Be Ever In Your Beaver’

By | 21 Comments

There are surely countless Hunger Games porn parodies out there by now, but only Woodrocket's combines a gloriously nonsensical tagline "May the odds be ever in your beaver" with a logo featuring two birds buttf*cking on a dick-shaped log.


Porn As Art: The 10 Best Porn Films Since 2010 (Part One)

By | 40 Comments

Dr. Chauntelle offers her definitive ranking of the top 10 porn films released since 2010.


‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ Get Porny With ‘The Royal Tenendongs’, Starring James Deen And Stoya

By | 29 Comments

Exclusive photos from The Royal Tenenbaums porn parody photo series, The Royal Tenendongs.


Googly-Eye Porno Is Something That Exists Now

By | 13 Comments

Porn with googly eyes is something that exists now. We just thought you should know.


The Hobbit Has A Porn Parody Called ‘The Knobbit,’ And It’s Available Online For Free

By | 31 Comments

We would've also accepted "The Hobbitch," "Queer and Back Again," and "An Unexpected Orgy."


The Los Angeles Condom Law Porn Exodus Is Great News For Las Vegas

By | 20 Comments

As the Adult Entertainment Expo continues in Las Vegas, porn producers are raving about the city as a great alternative to L.A.'s condom laws.


In Case You Want To Vomit, Rob Ford Is Getting A Porn Parody

By | 11 Comments

Adult film director Lee Roy Myers is giving Rob Ford the porn parody treatment, while Vivid is offering the crack-smoking mayor his own starring role.


Three Decades Later, We Have A Godfather Porn Parody

By | 21 Comments

Our good friend Lee Roy Myers has done it again, delivering what is sure to be another instant classic porn parody with Godfather: A Dreamzone Parody.


‘A Wet Dream on Elm Street’ Still Looks Pretty Good

By | 28 Comments

After the jump, I've got the (SFW) trailer for the Lee Roy Myers-directed porn parody, A Wet Dream on Elm Street (you may remember the dildo glove I posted a while back).


There’s A Simpsons Porn Parody Now

By | 30 Comments

The pop culture murderers at Full Spread Entertainment have added The Simpsons: A XXX Porn Parody to the neverending list of needless adult films that are being made from our favorite TV shows and movies.


10 lines the Big Lebowski porno parody should include

By | 61 Comments

God knows how it took them this long, but the important thing is that there now exists a porn parody of The Big Lebowski.

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