The Celeb Nude Leak Revealed The Ugly Truth About Reddit

By | 65 Comments

Reddit's celeb nude leak reveals far deeper problems with the site, its users, and how it's run.

Tony Hawk

Who Is The Diabolical Villain Behind These New Hoverboard Videos From HUVr?

By | 25 Comments

A company named HUVr claims to be bringing us the hoverboard technology in 2014, but there's no way this is real.


A Fake Paris Hilton Tweet Is Getting More Attention Than Nelson Mandela’s Death

By | 12 Comments

Paris Hilton lashed out on Twitter about a fake Tweet that had people thinking she confused Nelson Mandela with Martin Luther King, Jr.


Things Girls Lie About


Jenna Marbles runs through a series of gender-exclusive lies.


Rod Carew Should Be Banished From The National Baseball Hall Of Fame

By | 6 Comments

For all the jokes we make about TMZ writers and their obnoxious use of ellipses, I have to admit that I shamefully enjoy it when they “report” random stories tongue-in-cheek.


Jon Hamm Still Quite Handsome, Might Be A Filthy Liar

By | 13 Comments

Jon Hamm was on Letterman last night, and he was his typical handsome, affable self, telling Dave anecdotes about injuring himself on the set of "Mad Men," and the time he tried to walk-on to the baseball team at the University of Texas, but quickly gave up after trying to catch a fastball from teammate Roger Clemens.

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