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Drug Smuggling

This Heroin Smuggler Comes Up With One Of The Most Absurd Alibis Ever


A Virginia man was pulled over for a routine stop, and manages to obliterate his own story.


Texas: Man Dressed Like A Banana Arrested With AK-47 And 50-Round Clip

By | 10 Comments

A Local Texas man was arrested for carrying an AK-47 in public. He was also dressed like a Banana.


Watch Samuel L. Jackson Lay Into A Local News Reporter Who Confused Him For Laurence Fishburne

By | 36 Comments

Samuel L. Jackson destroys an entertainment reporter who thinks all black actors look alike, apparently.


Yelp Users Are Expertly Pranking A Homophobic, Racist Restaurant Owner

By | 41 Comments

Gary James is a monster, so he deserves to be pranked. And then some.


A Girl With Down Syndrome Had Her Dream Come True Thanks To Her High School’s Cheerleading Team


A high school cheer squad in Idaho helped a girl with Down syndrome fulfill her dream by making the team and cheering on her school's sports.


The Best News Bloopers Of January 2014


The most ridiculous mishaps to happen during live newscasts in January, all in one video.

child prodigies

Meet Jaden Newman, The 9-Year Old Girl Who Can Whoop Your Butt In Basketball

By | 6 Comments

Following in her brother Julian's footsteps, 9-year old Jaden Newman is becoming a star on the basketball court and the Internet.


Air Guitarist Videobombs Local News Storm Coverage


Winter storms. Does anyone take them seriously?


A High School Basketball Team In Pennsylvania Has Four Sets Of Twins

By | 2 Comments

The Allderdice High School varsity basketball team has four sets of twins on its roster, making the Dragons a real life Disney sports movie.


A 13-Year Old Received The Surprise Of His Life At The Free Throw Line

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When 13-year old Derrick Johnson stepped to the free throw line during a game, he didn't expect to be comforted by his mom when he missed his shot.


It Wasn’t A Good Idea For The Local News Team To Interview This Teen Stoner

By | 6 Comments

Who gives better, more enlightening interviews than teenage stoners?

local news

A Video Of A Talking Dog Went Viral And The Local News Is ON IT

By | 4 Comments

A New Hampshire local news station attempted to interview a dog who starred in a viral video. Let's see how that worked out.


The Scourge Of SquAIDS: Town Gripped In Fear Of Squirrel AIDS Epidemic Prank

By | 7 Comments

It was only a matter of time before the SquAIDS came for us all. The Squaipocalypse has begun in New Jersey.

colbert report

Stephen Colbert Is Here To Mock All The Buffoonish Polar Vortex Coverage You’ve Seen On The News Of Late


The polar vortex has TV weather people freaking the f*ck out. Let's all point and laugh at them with Stephen Colbert.


Thirty Years Later, People Still Haven’t Learned From ‘A Christmas Story’

By | 4 Comments

A New Hampshire girl who has unfortunately never seen 'A Christmas Story' learned the hard way that we don't put our tongues on frozen flag poles.

atm heists

Watch This Atlanta Man Sashay Through The Background Of A Live News Report

By | 11 Comments

Because why wouldn't you use a news report about a robbery involving a van crashing through a storefront to show off your moves?

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