‘Magic City’ Is Coming Back From The Dead As A Movie Thanks To Bill Murray And Bruce Willis

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'Magic City' is making a comeback and it's happening on the big screen thanks to the addition of two sizable movie stars.


Magic City’s Ladies Discuss Life Outside The Strip Club

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The fourth and final installment of the Power Of Pussy series ends with a look into the lives of Atlanta's ladies of the pole outside of the strip club.


What’s True And False About The Ladies Of Magic City

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The third installment of Magic City's surprisingly intriguing Power Of Pussy series centers around the infinite amount of misconceptions these ladies face on a daily basis.


A Journey Into The Wonderful World Of Atlanta’s Magic City

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With all due respect, and I honestly mean this in the nicest way possible, p*ssy is the most powerful drug known to man.


Birthday Suits FTW: Television Actresses You Were Likely To See Naked in 2012

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A ranking of how likely, based on frequency and gratuity, you are to see a particular actress nude on cable in 2012.


'Magic City' Producers Had Trouble Finding Real Boobs in Miami

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"Magic City" has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle around here.


Weekend Preview: The Premiere of ‘Veep’

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Veep/Girls (HBO, Sunday) - "Veep," the new political comedy created by Armando Iannucci and starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is getting great reviews.


Weekend Preview: Sundays Continue to Rule

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Mad Men (AMC, Sunday) - What if -- and just hear me out here -- the show fast-forwarded 30 years into the future without any explanation and this week's episode was all about Don taking his grandkids to a Boyz II Men concert.


Future Feat. T.I. – “Magic” Video


The irony of Future comparing skrippers to real life magicians is (hopefully) not lost on anybody.


‘Magic City’ Looks Pretty Cool

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With "Playboy Club" already canceled and "Pan Am's" ratings losing altitude (wordplay.

#Mad Men

The Mob in 1960s Miami? Yes Please.

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Ever since "Party Down" got canceled, I haven't been a fan of Starz.


“Make The Money, Don’t Let It Make You…”

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Chances are Atlanta and Magic City top most lists when the subject of America's best duos is mentioned.

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