#The Walking Dead

The Laughing Michonne Meme From ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Flat-Out Hysterical

By | 9 Comments

What happens when the typically scowly Michonne from 'The Walking Dead' flashes a huge grin? She gets the meme treatment, and it's fantastic.


Michonne’s 10 Most Badass Zombie Kill GIFs From ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 27 Comments

A look back upon the zombie-stomping and beheading contribution of 'The Walking Dead's' Michonne.

#The Walking Dead

First Footage Of 'Walking Dead' Season 3 Shows Michonne Making Zombie Heads Roll

By | 21 Comments

In the first footage from season three of 'The Walking Dead,' Michonne takes out three zombies with her katana.

#The Walking Dead

Oh Hell Yes! The First Look at 'The Walking Dead's' Michonne

By | 25 Comments

I'm not one of the smug book readers of "The Walking Dead," so the image above -- from the most previous season finale -- was the first time I'd ever sen Michonne.

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