The Laughing Michonne Meme From ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Flat-Out Hysterical

By | 9 Comments

What happens when the typically scowly Michonne from 'The Walking Dead' flashes a huge grin? She gets the meme treatment, and it's fantastic.

Michonne’s 10 Most Badass Zombie Kill GIFs From ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 27 Comments

A look back upon the zombie-stomping and beheading contribution of 'The Walking Dead's' Michonne.


First Footage Of 'Walking Dead' Season 3 Shows Michonne Making Zombie Heads Roll

By | 21 Comments

In the first footage from season three of 'The Walking Dead,' Michonne takes out three zombies with her katana.


Oh Hell Yes! The First Look at 'The Walking Dead's' Michonne

By | 25 Comments

I'm not one of the smug book readers of "The Walking Dead," so the image above -- from the most previous season finale -- was the first time I'd ever sen Michonne.

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