Prefabricated Mini-Apartments Are About To Invade New York City

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Smaller, single capacity mini-apartments are being installed in New York with hopes to change living conditions across the city.


Seth Meyers Asked New Yorkers To Read ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Out Loud With Hilarious Results


The team at 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' approached random New Yorkers to read excerpts of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' on camera.


A New York City Bomb Squad Found A Bag Containing 1,000 Condoms In A Bus Station

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Looks like someone needs to find a better hiding place for their "snow day stash." Hopefully, they don't actually call it that.


#BlackBrunchNYC Protests Interrupted ‘White Supremacy’ At Popular Brunch Spots

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A group of mostly African American protestors entered predominantly white brunch spots on Sunday to get their message out.


1981, The Year Of NYC Crime That Inspired ‘A Most Violent Year’

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The setting of 'A Most Violent Year' wasn't the tourist-friendly Gotham that New York City is today.

#Taylor Swift

Billy Joel Is Apparently A Big Taylor Swift Fan And Thinks Her Critics Are ‘Snoots’

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The 'Piano Man' is singing Swift's praises after she becomes New York City's official ambassador.


Here’s Insane Footage Of A Man Slapping A Woman On New York City’s F Train, Leading To An Ugly Brawl (UPDATE)

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There is probably a lesson to be learned here about how not to conduct yourself on public transportation.

#Orange Is The New Black

Big Boo From ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Shouted Down A Homophobe On Her Subway To ‘Sesame Street’

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If you spend enough time on the New York City subway, you’ll hear something you don’t want to. Big Boo decided to do something about it.

1 world trade center

Watch The Construction Of 1 World Trade Center In A Convenient Time-Lapse Video

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Photographer Benjamin Rosamond took advantage of his great New York City view by recording the daily construction of 1 World Trade Center.

#Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ World Tour Will Completely Skip Her Precious New York City

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So here's kind of a slap in the face: Taylor Swift won't be playing New York City for her massive '1989' world tour.


A New York City Doctor Has Reportedly Tested Positive For Ebola

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Dr. Craig Spencer, who had been treating patients in Guinea recently, reportedly tested positive for Ebola at Bellevue Hospital in New York.


Say Hello To The Used Condom That’s Apparently Been Riding NYC’s F Train For Three Weeks

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I jizz-filled condom has been spotted tied to the pole of a NYC subway car for weeks on end.


Body Hair And Puppies Feature Prominently In The New York City Cab Driver Calendar


Some of New York's cab drivers have come together to strip down for a good cause.


A Sleazy Married Man Grabbed A Waitress’ Butt, And It Only Got Worse From There

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"I've grabbed plenty of girl's asses in my life, but I've never grabbed hers."


A Racist Old Coot In Queens Is Terrorizing His Immigrant Neighbors By Posting Porn In His Windows

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I bet this old guy totally hands out little boxes of raisins on Halloween, too. Monster.

high fives

Watch This Carefree Bearded Dude Give High Fives To People Hailing Cabs in New York

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This flamboyant bearded guy makes the day of a bunch of New Yorkers in this cute video.

short films

This Slow-Motion Look At The Streets Of New York Is Some Mighty Fine Eye Porn


Kudos to filmmaker Tim Sessler -- he made a beautiful love letter to New York with this.


Watch This NYC Cop Deliberately Stand In A Cyclist’s Way During ‘Operation Safe Cycle’

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As if you needed a reminder this week that cop dickery is alive and well.

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