Danica Patrick Wants To See Hockey Fights, Is Suddenly Great At Hockey


Danica Patrick was first woman to start on the pole at the Daytona 500, led a lap and finished in 8th place.


The Chicago Blackhawks Had A Tremendous Amount of What Now?


The Chicago Blackhawks are up 1-0 on the Minnesota Wild, and they don't even care about the tremendous amount of sex they had in the regular season.


How's A Guy Supposed To Read Some News About The NHL These Days?

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As much as I like to joke about how I never watch hockey or that hockey is boring (aside from the fighting) or that even lockout-shortened seasons take too long, but I am, after all, just joking.


Nobody Is Watching The Stanley Cup Finals

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As I wrote a few weeks ago, it was very easy for NHL experts and analysts to label the Los Angeles Kings a Cinderella story because of how bad they sucked early on in the season.

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Taiwan's Idea To Improve The Stanley Cup Finals: Voodoo, Bear Fights

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My interest in the NHL season checked out with the Caps, but here's a quick recap of what's going on: the Los Angeles Kings are up 3-0 against the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals, and, more importantly, Taiwan's Next Media animation is recreating it as a Pro Bending battle between a bunch of guys dressed like the Burger King and the literal Devil.


2005 Sports News: Dwight Schrute Gets Kings Tickets In A Jell-O Mold

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Actor Rainn Wilson wanted tickets to Game 4 of the Western Conference Final between the Los Angeles Kings and the Phoenix Coyotes, so the wacky Kings Twitter team -- the same team who helped build Stanley Cup sandcastles and just trolled Marlon Wayans (Marlon Wayans.


Brad Richards Craps All Over The Devils


Imagine how good they'd be if every player gave two sh*ts.


You Know What's Exactly Like 9/11? This Rangers/Caps Series

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As a Washington Capitals fan, I was stoked to see them top the New York Rangers on Wednesday and force a game 7.


10 Amazing Predictions For This Week In Sports

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When I’m wrong, I’m the first to admit that I was wrong.


Bad Hip-Hop Fan Anthems Are Knocking At Your Door, NHL, Let ‘Em In

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I have a few friends in Philadelphia, and after the Philadelphia Flyers eliminated the Model Franchise Pittsburgh Penguins with a 5-1 victory in Game 6 of their first-round playoff series on Sunday there was (Facebook) talk of a "dynasty".


And For No Reason, Here’s What Taiwan Thinks About The NHL Playoffs

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My favorite part of NMA World Edition's recap of the rising violence in the NHL Playoffs should be players drowning each other, morphing into literal devils and damage-dealing penguins (.


Capitals Fans Reminded Tim Thomas To Vote

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Back in January, Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas stirred the political pot a great deal when he refused to attend his team’s visit to the White House to meet President Barack Obama for their Stanley Cup Championship.

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Hey Buddy, Eyes Up Here

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This video really should've ended with the camera zooming in too far and falling off the pedestal.


Friday Face-Off: Vote For This Week's Best Glass-Based NHL Violence

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In this week's edition of the Friday Face-Off, we examine the very real problem of NHL players and fans using big rectangles of glass to incapacitate each other.


Stanley Cup Riot Gallery: The Faces Of Vancouver’s Horrific Sportsmanship

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The story today should be that the Boston Bruins won their first Stanley Cup in 39 years.


Bruins Fans Are Who They Are

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One of the great blessings of my life is that I was a child before digital cameras and a teenager before YouTube.


Heat Fans Celebrate NBA Finals By Making Fire Hot


Wait, I'm sorry, the topic of this post is even worse.


Canucks Win the West with a Knuckle-Puck

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Don't be confused when you watch this video of the Vancouver Canucks defeating the San Jose Sharks in double overtime, you won't be able to tell what happened.


Canucks Fan Gets Boobs Uploaded to the Entire Internet

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Near the end of of game 2 between Sharks and Canucks in Vancouver, a blonde woman with pierced nipples and I guess not much else going for her decided to go boobs-to-box and flash San Jose's Ben Eager during a penalty.

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