Nicole Kidman Convinced Werner Herzog To Film Her Bathing, ‘A Scene Of Pure Eroticism’

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When Werner Herzog describes a scene as "a scene of pure eroticism," it's time to be afraid.


New Scientology Doc Details Intimidation Tactics Allegedly Used To Break Up Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman

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Was the Church of Scientology behind the divorce of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman?

#Jimmy Fallon

Watch Jimmy Fallon Find Out He Blew His Chance To Date Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman reveals that she almost dated Jimmy Fallon, much to the surprise of Jimmy Fallon.


The FilmDrunk Fall Movie Guide 2014

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Everyone and their momma does a fall preview, but we have a very clear mission statement here at Uproxx Inc, LTD: "We are not your momma.


Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Stopped By A Hospital To Sing For The Children


Taking a break from her promotional tour, Nicole Kidman stopped by a children's hospital in Australia to sing with Keith Urban.


The First Image Of The Paddington Bear Movie Has Inspired A Delightful Horror Meme

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People thought that the live action version of Paddington Bear looked like a serial killer, so it inspired the 'Creepy Paddington' meme.


Nicole Kidman Looks 10 Years Younger In The ‘Grace Of Monaco’ Trailer

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Based on the trailer for Olivier Dahan’s Grace of Monaco, I’d say that this is a movie about Nicole Kidman wearing very nice clothes while smiling awkwardly, in between sleeping and wearing a hat.


Colin Firth Is Looking For Revenge And Love In ‘The Railway Man’ Trailer

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Throw some coal into the Oscar fire for Colin Firth, because the man who makes vanilla ice cream seem erotic is back in the new trailer for The Railway Man, the true story of a British soldier who was tortured by the Japanese in World War II only to find himself in the intriguing position of getting revenge on his tormentor many years later.


Semen Stains and Pee: The Paperboy sounds pretty good

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I missed my local press screening of The Paperboy, which is a shame, because any film where Zac Efron gets dramatically peed on sounds like a must-see.


Trailer for Park Chan-Wook’s ‘Stoker’

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Korea's Park Chan-wook has been a cult favorite director ever since 2003's Oldboy (which is currently being remade by Spike Lee), but somehow, he hasn't left home to make Hollywood feature (probably all that sweet, Korean P-tang).


That movie where Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron has a trailer

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Some movies are great because they're insightful and life-affirming, others are great because they're like slow-motion disaster footage from which you can't turn away.


5.25 The Cooler

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Tammy Torres D'Angelo's GQ Interview Outtakes [GQ] Lionel Richie's 'Tuskegee' Becomes Year's Second-Biggest Album [Billboard] M.


Nicole Kidman peed on Zac Efron in Lee Daniels' new golden shower movie

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It's funny that after the success of Precious, people seem to think of director Lee Daniels as Oprah's innocuous little buddy, because the guy's pretty twisted.


"And then Clive Hemingway punched me in the face."

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If you didn't get your Hemingway fix from this morning's clip from Woody Allen's old stand-up act about Hemingway punching him in the face, after the jump I've got the first trailer for Hemingway & Gellhorn, an HBO film premiering May 28th starring Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman.


Humpday Mashup Dump: Skyrim Edition


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of In the offing for today: Nicole Kidman, Robbie Williams, and a Skyrim reference I won't spoil for you.


Nic Cage Attacked By Fudgsicle-Wielding Naked Dude

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Nicolas Cage is currently in America’s toupee Canada for the Toronto Film Festival, promoting his new film Trespass, which also stars Nicole Kidman and is directed by Joel Schumacher.


CBS Working to Reboot 'Bewitched'

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The original "Bewitched" aired from 1964-1972, and is probably best remembered for swapping out Dick York for Dick Sargent in 1969 like nothing happened.


16-year-old Nicole Kidman discusses her work in ‘BMX Bandits’

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On March 15th, Severin Films is releasing on DVD and Blu-Ray the 1983 cult classic BMX Bandits, which was basically the Surf Ninjas of its time.


Allan Loeb co-wrote an Adam Sandler movie

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Yesterday must've been crappy movie trailer day, because after I posted Yogi Bear and Big Momma's House 3, Adam Sandler's latest film, Just Go With It hit.

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