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‘Piers Who?': Watch Anderson Cooper Burn Piers Morgan During CNN’s New Year’s Eve Coverage

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Everyone was waiting for the ball to drop last night but Anderson Cooper dropped the boom when he slammed Piers Morgan last night.


Bear Grylls Says He Proposed To His Wife Naked With The Ring Hidden Between His Butt Cheeks

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Bear Grylls marriage proposal could have only been more Bear Grylls if there was some urine ingested.

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Piers Morgan Snaps, Unleashes Bitchy Twitter Rant Aimed At ‘Poisonous Twerp’ Larry King

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Piers Morgan has had enough of Larry King's meddling. This much is obvious.

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Duke Porn Star Belle Knox: Women Can’t Win in ‘Patriarchal Society'

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Duke porn star Belle Knox guests on HuffPost Live to talk about how women can't make it in a patriarchal society.

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Please Enjoy Chelsea Handler Humiliating Piers Morgan By Calling Him A 'Terrible Interviewer' Right To His Face

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Chelsea Handler stopped by 'Piers Morgan Live' to crush Piers Morgan. It's amazingly awkward.

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George Zimmerman Says Farewell To CNN Host Piers Morgan Like A Gentleman

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Human disaster George Zimmerman tweets Piers Morgan farewell in the worst way imaginable. Awful man, awful.

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CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ Is Getting Canceled Because No One Watches It

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CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight' is getting canceled because Piers Morgan and CNN agree it should end. Also, ratings.

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U.S. Bobsledder Johnny Quinn Is Now Stuck In An Elevator At The Sochi Winter Games

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First he was trapped in his own bathroom, now U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn is trapped in an elevator. Is this a conspiracy?

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Here’s Why The Internet Is Angry At Piers Morgan (This Week)

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It's no surprise Piers Morgan is kind of a jackass, but he hit new heights this week with his treatment of transgender activist Janet Mock.

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Chelsea Handler Asks Piers Morgan To Keep His Molester Eyes Off Her Fake Boobs

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In the Piers Morgan vs. Chelsea Handler interview, we all win, because they both lose.

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Conspiracy Theorist And Gun Nut Alex Jones Loses His Sh*t On 'Piers Morgan'

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Alex Jones, who believes the government is behind 9/11, blames killing sprees on the drug industry, and claims the media is protecting their top sponsor.


Robert Blake's Interview With Piers Morgan Was An Absolute Trainwreck

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Robert Blake, the former 'Baretta' star who was found liable in a civil court for the wrongful death of his wife, was a guest on 'Piers Morgan Tonight' last night, and WHOA DOLLY was it is ever bonkers television.

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And The Winner Is, Uh… Baba Booey?

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When "America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan announced he was leaving the show to focus on his CNN gig, the biggest question on everyone's mind was why there aren't more babies with awesome names like Touchdown or Bazooka.

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Piers Morgan is a Horrible Human Being

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I'm terrible at introductions, so I won't bother.


LaToya Says Michael Jackson Knew He Would Be Killed

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Tomorrow marks two years since Michael Jackson, arguably the greatest and most controversial entertainer the world has ever seen, passed away.

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People Who Work At ‘America’s Got Talent’ Watch Internet Porn Too


I know, I know -- you've probably been thinking for the longest time that America's Got Talent is one of the last bastions of wholesome goodness, morality and virtue left in the entertainment world.


“I live inside the truth.” The best quotes from Charlie Sheen’s Howard Stern interview.

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Charlie Sheen's all-out, F-18 media napalm attack continued today with interviews with Piers Morgan and Howard Stern, and I'm sick of pretending that covering Charlie Sheen is not just bitchin', all-out winning every second.

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Join the Club, Howard Stern

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Howard Stern was on Piers Morgan's not-Larry King show last night, and Stern shared some shocking opinions about Jay Leno that would have been extremely timely 12 or 13 months ago.

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And Now, News for Old Boring People

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Larry King retired back in June, and ever since then the most-rumored name to replace him was "America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan.

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Larry King Retired

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Larry King announced his retirement last night, stepping down as the host of CNN's "Larry King Live," the show he has helmed for 25 years.

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