Mew Wasn’t Supposed To Be In The Game? 13 Must-Catch Facts About ‘Pokémon Red And Blue’.


We delve into the unlikely history of the game that sparked the Catch 'em All craze, 'Pokémon Red and Blue'.

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Watch Pickachu Kick Ass In Nintendo’s Weird Pokemon/Tekken Mashup, ‘Pokken Tournament’


Who would have predicted that cuddly ol' Pikachu would end up in so many fighting games?

Yuki Sohma

Geek Out Your Hoodie With Shori Ameshiko

New York Comic Con is coming up this weekend and you know what that means, there will be a nerd orgy in NYC like we were in "The Matrix Reloaded".


Friendly, Familiar Characters Get An Attitude In The Art Of Coran ‘Kizer’ Stone

Winnie the Pooh never looked more gansta than in the art of Coran " Game Stops Now by Kizer Go Gadget Go by Kizer Gotta Bash em ALL by Kizer Gotta Save Velma by Kizer Getting Buzzzzz......ted by Kizer It'll Make You Big and Strong by Kizer I Ain't Afraid of No [...].


The Cool Collages of Botjira

Botjira takes collage and geek and combines them in all the right ways.

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