Man Proposes With Manure


Who says chivalry is dead.


John Cena’s Shocking Revelation: ‘I Pooped Myself’

By | 21 Comments

In a new clip for the upcoming episode of Total Divas, John Cena admits to Nikki Bella that he once crapped his jorts while wrestling.


‘Flaming Bag Of Poop’ Prank Goes Terribly Wrong


You can never be too careful when attempting the "flaming bag of poop" prank.


Texas A&M Punter Drew Kaser Is Gonna ‘Drop Bombs’ This Weekend. What Does That Mean?

By | 6 Comments

Texas A&M punter Drew Kaser says he plans to "drop bombs" this weekend. We consulted Urban Dictionary to explore exactly what he means by that.


The LFL Wants To Be Taken Seriously. Here’s One Of Its Teams Pantomiming Taking A Dump.

By | 4 Comments

The Chicago Bliss of the LFL celebrated a touchdown by pretending to take a dump on one another. It's even less sexy than it sounds.


The Cycle of Poop + The Morning Links


If you thought <a href="">my scat scene feature</a> was too abstract, then maybe you'll enjoy this ultra clean informational video about what happens to your fecal matter after it leaves your sight/anus.


Examining 7 Iconic Poop Scenes, Set to the Bristol Stool Scale

By | 25 Comments

Editor's Note: By now you may have noticed Evan Harold's writing voice in your <a href="" target="_blank">morning links</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">comments of the week</a> posts these past few months.


Are You The Drunk, Naked Girl Who Smeared Poop All Over This Craigslist Poster’s Car?

By | 2 Comments

All Craigslist ads should include the sentence, "...but you were also taking a dump and piss on my lawn at the same time." Impressive.


AMC Has Released The First Teaser Clips From The Final Eight Episodes Of ‘Breaking Bad’

By | 14 Comments

Here are the first super-short teaser clips from the final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad." This is really happening. Time to get serious.


One Sh*tty Story: Creepy Old Man Spied On Strangers From Inside A Toilet

By | 2 Comments

This whole story, about an old man who spied on strangers from a public park toilet, stinks.


Comments of the Week: Jennifer Aniston’s Unholy Bowels

By | 26 Comments

This was a good week for FilmDrunk comments, and I'm proud of you all.

terrible things

This Photo Of A Girl Who Fell Into A Music Festival Porta Potty Will Make You Afraid Of Music Festivals

By | 30 Comments

Everything about this photo of a woman who fell into a porta potty is terrible. ENJOY.


The Space Toilet


Astronaut <a href="">Chris Hadfield</a> explains how to use the bathroom in space, and the phenomenon such an event creates.


The ADT Toilet Security System


Secure your bowl by utilizing ADT's three-prong toilet protection system.


A Man Brought A Pony To The Liquor Store On Memorial Day And The Pony Pooped On The Floor

By | 15 Comments

A Rhode Island man brought a pony to a liquor story on Memorial Day, and the pony pooped on the floor.


Good Morning, Here’s A Cat Pooping On A Soccer Field


A cat showed up during the Malaysian FA Cup semifinal between Pahang and JDT, dropped a deuce and then did that hilarious cat-burying thing where they try to cover it up.


CDC Report: Public Pools Are Full Of Poop

By | 3 Comments

According to a new study published by the Centers for Disease (and eventually Teen Mom sex tape) Control, your local public pools are full of sh*t.


Gorilla Throws Poop at Spectators


A cameraman tries to record a poop fight between gorillas, but quickly becomes the target.


Exploding Cow Pie Fail


What happens when you light fireworks inside a pile of cow poop and stand too close.


Lizard Poops in Girl’s Lap


Rufio the lizard does not appreciate his owner discussing his sex life on the Internet.

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