‘Arrow’ Recruits Its Ra’s Al Ghul And Debuts A New Trailer


'Arrow' has its big bad secured, and also looks good in a new trailer for its third season.


Here’s How ‘Batman Begins’ Should Have Ended, Giving Ra’s Al Ghul The Finger


How It Should Have Ended turns their attention to 'Batman Begins', explains how Batman should have been able to foil Ra's al Ghul plans with one finger.


A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: June 7th


It's time once again for our Friday comics cosplay feature, casting the spotlight on the best comics related costumery from the cosplay community.


Three Villains Revealed For Arkham Asylum 2?

For a place that's so hard for Batman to sneak into, Arkham Asylum sure has a hell of a lot of leaks.

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