Frotcast 241: CitizenFour, Ben Abroad, And Matt Lieb’s Incredible Shrinking Commercial

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Comedian Steve Post, Ben in Costa Rica, CitizenFour, and Matt Lieb talks about getting "shrunk" in his latest commercial role.


Scarlett Johansson Gave A Weird Statement About John Travolta’s Even Weirder Kiss

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John Travolta isn't weird or creepy, says ScarJo. He's just misunderstood?


Famous Scientologist Danny Masterson Is Very Angry About ‘Going Clear’

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Hyde says people who don't like Scientology can go f*ck themselves.


New Scientology Doc Details Intimidation Tactics Allegedly Used To Break Up Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman

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Was the Church of Scientology behind the divorce of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman?

#Sundance 2015

‘Going Clear’ Is Alex Gibney’s Utterly Devastating Exposé On The Inner Workings Of Scientology

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A first look at Alex Gibney's biting documentary 'Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief' from Sundance.


Kirstie Alley Talked To Howard Stern About Scientology, Says She Never ‘Shunned’ Leah Remini

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Kirstie Alley told Howard Stern that it's Leah Remini's fault that no one in Scientology will talk to her anymore.


Bill Burr Jokes About Christianity And Escaping Zombies In This Teaser For His New Netflix Special

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Comedian talks about population control, zombies, and the story of Scientology in his Netflix special, out December 5.


John Travolta Blames You For Not Getting ‘Battlefield Earth’

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'Battlefield Earth', according to John Travolta, is a great movie. You were just too distracted by his space religion to notice.


So, About Those Laura Prepon – Tom Cruise Scientology Dating Rumors…

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Laura Prepon would like you to know that she doesn't want her name associated with Tom Cruise.


Tom Cruise Is Reportedly Dating TV’s Favorite Lesbian Drug Dealer

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This begs the question, has Tom Cruise ever seen "That '70s Show"?


An Aspiring Actor Joined Scientology Four Years Ago And Made A Documentary About The Experience

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Actor Steven Mango's new documentary tells his story of how an acting workshop led to four years as a parishioner in the Church of Scientology.


Leah Remini Has Left The Church Of Scientology

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The New York Post reported that actress Leah Remini has left the church of Scientology after questioning David Miscavige led to her being interrogated.


John Travolta healed a car accident victim with Scientology magic

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Scientologists take a lot of crap, probably because they've dedicated their lives to a crazy story about alien spirits a science fiction writer made up to scam rich people.

vanity fair

Vanity Fair’s Unintentionally Hilarious Scientology Photoshops

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Vanity Fair is still milking the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce for all the ink it's worth, and recently put online their epic, 8,000-word piece on a woman who was once chosen as Tom Cruise's next girlfriend, made to break up with her fiancee, and generally shuffled around the world and made to do weird sh*t by an army of Xenu-fearing acolytes.


The 10 Greatest Lines From The Official Scientology Album, With Special Guest John Travolta

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A collection of the best lyrics from the Scientology album, "The Road to Freedom," written by L. Ron Hubbard and featuring John Travolta.

the master

Harvey Weinstein hired security to protect him from Scientology

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Last we heard about Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, inspired by Scientology founder L.


Stephen Colbert vs. Scientology


A supercut of Stephen Colbert explaining destroying Scientology over the years on The Colbert Report.

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