Check Out This Obscure, Somewhat Embarrassing 1996 Short Film Starring Key From ‘Key And Peele’

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In 1996, 'Key and Peele' star Keegan Michael Key starred in a short film about an Indian man who meets a salmon that is his father.

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Watch This Animated Short Made By 11-Year-Old Lars Von Trier

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In 1967, an 11-year-old Lars Von Trier made this short film using stop-motion animation and a Super 8 camera.

short films

As Expected, Filmmaker Dean Potter Had To Defend BASE Jumping With His Dog

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Before his short film's trailer was released, BASE jumper Dean Potter wrote a full defense for people angry that he jumped with his dog.


Filmmaker And BASE Jumper Dean Potter Took His Dog On His Latest Leap

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For his short film, 'When Dogs Fly,' Dean Potter wanted to see how his dog would respond to the thrill of BASE jumping.

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'Lights Out' Is A Horror Short That Proves Nothing Can Protect You From The Darkness

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Enjoy trying to sleep after watching this deceptively frightening horror short.


Some Nude College Girls Filmed Themselves Making Out In The Columbia Library, For Art

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Some nude college girls filmed a feminist art-type film in Columbia's Library, complete with sorority initiation parody.

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Gravity: New short film shows the other end of Sandra Bullock’s distress call

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Aningnaaq, a short film companion piece to Gravity directed by Jonas Cuaron, shows what happens on the other end of the line during Sandra Bullock's distress call.


Watch: Wes Anderson’s 8-minute short, Castello Cavalcanti

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You'll have to wait until 2014 to see Grand Budapest Hotel, but in the meantime, Wes Anderson made this eight-minute short film for Prada, Castello Cavalcanti.


Brent Weinbach’s “Gangster Party Line” video is amazing

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"Gangster Party Line," written and directed by Weinbach, offers a late night solution for homeys, Gs, and Tommy Tapouts who really need to talk some shit, but are all cooped up in the crib with their moms or old ladies.

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Watch Steve Gleason And Other Celebrities Interview Pearl Jam About Their New Album

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Former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason, who is living with ALS, was one of several celebrities who interviews Pearl Jam about their new album.

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Phoenix’s ‘Take Away Show’ Is The Musical Performance Short Film Your Monday Needs


Why not ignore your boss for 20 minutes and watch something beautiful that will fill you with happy: this short film featuring Phoenix!

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Fran Kranz Really Britta’d Having Sex With Gillian Jacobs In The Short Film ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’

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If you're ever in a relationship with Gillian Jacobs, don't be like Fran Kranz in "It's Not You, It's Me."


Real-time account of James Franco’s latest short film, La Passione, starring some topless models

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I recently received James Franco's latest short film, entitled La Passione, which he filmed for Vice.

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Watch Alison Brie Be A Rollergirl In This Short Film

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Here is Alison Brie starring in a pretty little short film by by Poppy De Villeneuve and Alex Braverman to promote Irene Neuwirth's jewelry line.

this is water

David Foster Wallace’s ‘This Is Water’ Speech, Illustrated Beautifully In A Short Film

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Have you ever read David Foster Wallace's "This Is Water" speech? Whether you have or not, you should watch this. It's good.


Mich. HS Students’ Harlem Shake Video Included Simulated Oral & A Live Duck

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The "Harlem Shake" video fad is finally petering out, thankfully so for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which being that no one's actually doing the Harlem Shake in them.


WATCH: A 10-minute documentary about Patton Oswalt

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Just so we have at least one post on here today that isn't Oscars-related hit-whoring, here's a 10-minute documentary about Patton Oswalt, To Be Loved & Understood, from director <a href="" target="_blank">Julien Nitzberg</a>.

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