Someone Gave That Pandering McDonald’s ‘Signs’ Commercial The Parody It So Richly Deserves

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There is no way McDonald's could not have seen this coming with their new 'Signs' advertising campaign.


WWE Is Confiscating Cesaro Signs At Live Events Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

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According to reports, fans with pro-Cesaro signs at WWE live events are having them confiscated by security. 'Ziggler Please' is fine!


The Internet Had A Lot Of Fun With JBL’s $9.99 Sign

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JBL shilled WWE Network with a "$9.99" sign on Raw, so of course the Internet photoshopped it. WE PHOTOSHOP ON MONDAY NIGHTS MAGGLE

The Newest Real ‘F*ck Her Right in the P*ssy’ Prank Comes From, Of Course, Florida

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There have been of hoax videos of guys saying "F*ck her right in the p*ssy" during live news broadcasts, but now the meme is made real.


Neighborhood Watch Signs Get Upgraded With Pop Culture Crimefighters

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Andrew Lamb creatively alters old neighborhood watch signs with pictures of pop culture heroes keeping watch for us.


These Cricket Fans Won The Day With Their Cromulent 'Simpsons' Signs

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Two fans stood out in the world record crowd at Australia's Boxing Day cricket match because of their awesome 'Simpsons' signs.

25 Funny Political Signs The World Needs Today

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These 25 funny political signs come from political backers, protesters, and street artists who have important messages for us in these important times.


Dogs Who Are Having A Ruff Day (And Links)


Today's links, featuring a sad pug, industrious but busy dog, and a skateboarding smoking dog who is resigned to his second class status.


Products At Target Get New, Awesome Names (And Links)


Today's links, featuring Pleated-Jeans putting up signs at Target to give better names to products. And then, suddenly, salad.


Meme Watch: Dogshaming Is The New Planking, Without All The Stupid Planking

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A new single-serving Tumblr started this month called Dogshaming, wherein naughty dogs are photographed with a sign disclosing their doggy crime.


Highway Sign Blows And Snaps


A highway sign in Canada sways and shakes violently during a storm, eventually breaking just as the cameraman drives under it.


Marty The Zebra In Real Life, Cheap Blu-Rays, Dog Tricks, And Links


Today's links, featuring Marty from 'Madagascar' spotted in the real world, a clever sale on blu-rays, and an Australian cattle dog being super talented.


Patrick Stewart Being Awesome, A Trolling Restaurant, And Links

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Today's links, featuring Patrick Stewart's awesome T-shirt, a trolling restaurant, and a cat who has had enough of this dance routine.


Virgin America Wins The Prize For Today's Best Tribute To Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch


After Adam “MCA” Yauch's passing last Friday, tributes have been showing up everywhere, like these and this.


Intriguing Businesses And Links


Meme Watch: Drunk Dad Is Here To Embarrass And Entertain |UPROXX| VIDEO: Obama & Jimmy Kimmel Killed At Last Night’s White House Correspondents Dinner |UPROXX| Random Throwback Photo Of The Day: Sinbad Played College Basketball |With Leather| Watch Nicki Minaj Jiggle In Her [...].


F Bombs, Unimpressed Beatbox Cat, And Links


UPROXX Live Q&A With ‘Archer’s’ Amber Nash And Lucky Yates, AKA The Voices Of Pam Poovey And Doctor Krieger |UPROXX| Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo |Film Drunk| 5 Artists You Missed At SXSW While Waiting In Line To See Rick Ross |TSS| Everyone Hates Lori from ‘The Walking Dead’ |Warming Glow| ROFLMNBAO: The NCAA Tournament Edition.

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Ron Swanson Is The Riddler, Also Dispenses Advice


The photoshop wizards at Tauntr created the fantastic poster above after we all learned of his greatness Ron Swanson's love of riddles.


And Not A Single F Was Given In The Links That Day


If you see this picture on Tumblr without my watermark, you can thank the plagiarist douchecanoe listed as the "source".


Why Not Links? (Plus Awesome Signs And A Train Disaster Cat)


Frotcast 73: Pauly tweets his way to the top, Michael Fassbender’s penis, Thomas Kinkade |Film Drunk| The Offerman Wood Shop Will Be Every Ron Swanson Fan’s Favorite Woodshop |UPROXX| Pimped Out Product Placement: The Most Ridiculous Donk Cars To Hit The Road [...].

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