Try To Resist These Schweddy Balls, Talking Stefon Dolls, And Other SNL Swag

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Saturday Night Live is going to sell Schweddy Balls, Talking Stefon dolls, and other SNL-themed swag for their 40th anniversary.


Bob Odenkirk Wrote ‘Down By The River’? 5 Writers People Don’t Realize Were Behind Iconic ‘SNL’ Sketches.

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You might be surprised what familiar names brought you some of the most iconic SNL sketches of all time.

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Seth Meyers Says Stefon Will Show Up On ‘Late Night’ At Some Point

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We already know Seth Meyers is bringing in Saturday Night Live veteran Fred Armisen to be his new Late Night bandleader.


Some Old Friends (And One Stefon!) Returned To ‘SNL’ To Say Goodbye To Seth Meyers

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Watch video of Seth Meyers's final "Weekend Update" from this week's "SNL," hosted by Melissa McCarthy.


SNL: Stefon’s Emotional Farewell


<a href="http://clipnation.com/tag/bill-hader/">Bill Hader</a> closes out his eight-year run on Saturday Night Live with one last <a href="http://clipnation.com/tag/stefon/">Stefon</a> appearance.


Relive Stefon’s Emotional Final Appearance On ‘SNL’

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It's that thing where...Stefon makes his final appearance on "SNL."


Bill Hader Says There Will Never Be A Stefon Movie

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Bill Hader tells GQ Magazine that there will never be a Stefon movie because there's no emotional through line for the character.


This Post Has Everything: The 10 Definitive Stefon Nightlife Description GIFs

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What's that? You somehow never caught the full definition of a "human suitcase"? Well today is your lucky day.


Gallery1988’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Art Show Has The Perfect Decor For Your Van Down By The River

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Gallery1988's hottest show is 'Is This Thing On #2 Too'. This Saturday Night Live art showcase was put together by rapper Hot Karl, and it has everything.


SNL: Stefon on Spring Break


Stefon stops by Weekend Update to discuss New York's hottest Spring Break destinations.


Stefon Visits Romney Headquarters, Friendship Bracelets, Death Metal Pugs, And Links

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Today's links, featuring interspecies friendship bracelets, Stefon at the Romney election headquarters, and pugs singing death metal.


SNL: Stefon on Halloween in New York City


City correspondent Stefon tells tourists about the hottest Halloween locations in NYC.


SNL’s Stefon Has Been Recommending Clubs With EVERYTHING On Yelp And No One Realized It

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Bill Hader's brilliant Stefon is easily SNL's most celebrated current recurring character and the only recurring character this side of @ss Dan that I actively root to make an appearance.

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You Can’t Argue That Kiefer Sutherland Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor

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You can certainly debate the quality of his sense of humor, but the above card -- posted on his Twitter account -- at least reaches for humor-like substance.


Saturday Night Live’s Stefon Should Be a Fixture of Every Holiday Card

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If you're ordinary, and you love Christmas, I have just the spot for you.


Zoolander And Stefon Know What’s Hot This Halloween

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When last we heard about the <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2010/02/who-cares-its-only-a-zoolander-sequel">potential Zoolander sequel</a>, Ben Stiller was working on a script with Justin Theroux, the writer of Tropic Thunder whom I will always remember as the tatted up Irishman in the second Charlie's Angels film.

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