‘SNL’ Didn’t Air A New Episode This Weekend, So They Released Every Stefon Sketch Ever Online

With the holiday season fast-approaching, Saturday Night Live has entered that mid-season period when new episodes are few and far between. Last week’s Kristen Stewart-led ensemble was fun, but this weekend saw no new content from Studio 8H — and thus far, the only “new” stuff viewers have to look forward to is the Harry Styles-hosted episode next Saturday and alum Eddie Murphy’s triumphant return in December. But this doesn’t mean SNL doesn’t want to keep the audience’s interest alive. On the contrary, they managed to pique our curiosity courtesy of Bill Hader’s Stefon.

As noticed by Entertainment Weekly, SNL‘s official YouTube channel has been releasing the “Every Stefon Ever” collection in five parts during the past few days. The first one, which dropped on Tuesday, is at the top of the page. The second one, meanwhile, is embedded below.

From the character’s oddball first appearance in the 2008 sketch “Movie Pitch with Stefon,” which featured guest host Ben Affleck as his brother, to his heyday on the Seth Meyers edition of “Weekend Update,” all five videos together have managed to collect them all. It’s like Pokémon, but with really bad (or good?) New York club tips and Hader’s fan-favorite inability to stay in character.

You can watch parts three through five below. Enjoy!

(Via Entertainment Weekly)