The Dugout Opening Days '12: Tampa Bay Rays

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Baseball season is officially upon us, and that means only one thing -- the return of <a href="" target="_blank">The Dugout</a>, the Internet's longest running and most critically acclaimed webcomic about baseball players with pun screen names pretending to curse at each other over AIM.


The Dugout: It Came To Me In A Dream

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One of <a href="">The Dugout's</a> favorite recurring characters over the last seven years (holy crap) has been art dealer and owner of the Florida Miami Marlins Jeffrey Loria.


The Dugout: The Comeback Pool

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After a brief hiatus caused by me doing this goddamn comic strip seven years in a row without stopping and needing a break inactivity in the world of baseball, The Dugout is back and ready to tackle the tough issues, such as <a href="">Manny Ramirez going swimming with a bunch of old people</a> in a T.


The Dugout: Jim Thome’s Back(yard)

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The hilarious pull-quote featured to the right is from an <a href="">ESPN article</a> detailing Jim Thome's address to the City Club of Cleveland, wherein he announces that despite the market not being flush for 41-year old designated hitters he'd still like to play in 2012.


The Dugout: World Series 2011 Game 1

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The Texas Rangers lost last night's Game 1 of the 2011 World Series to the St.


The Dugout: Who Can Make Me Vomit First, Taco Bell Or Brian Wilson

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Taco Bell has decided to follow up last year's <a href="">2010 MLB postseason Mariano Rivera "closer" spots</a> with San Francisco Giants reliever and self-proclaimed funniest man to ever live Brian Wilson.


The Dugout: An Entire Big Thing Of Dope

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The key words here are "and other devices".


The Dugout: Greatest Night

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Today at With Leather and across the sports-o-sphere has been a celebration of the "greatest night in baseball history".


The Dugout: Bienvenido Oz Miami

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Yesterday, we shared with you the news that beloved (cough) Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has <a href="">parted ways with the organization</a> because he couldn't fly to Spain on their dime and wanted a bigger boat.


The Dugout: John Mayberry Wants To F**k A Mermaid

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Finally, a Pirates of the Caribbean Dugout that doesn't have to be about Pittsburgh.


The Dugout: SFinal Destination 2

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For every beginning there is an end.


The Dugout: SFinal Destination

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The San Francisco Giants are getting disabled.


The Dugout: Thome At 600

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<a href="">Jim Thome hit his 600th home run</a>.


The Dugout: Evan Longoria's Police Report

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Tampa Bay Ray Evan Longoria was robbed during Spring Training, and yesterday he was able to find some closure.

alex rodriguez

The Dugout: A-Rod's Violent Gambling Parties

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It looks like Alex Rodriguez is going to be in a lot of trouble.


The Dugout by Charles Bukowski

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Last month, I introduced you to Celebrity Guest Dugout Week, a week full of Dugouts written by the biggest and brightest names in sports journalism.


The Dugout: Crooked Neck Club

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A few words about <a href="">The Dugout</a> before you read today's strip.


The Dugout: How To Pick Up Soccer Girls On The Internet

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Women's Soccer has suddenly become an important thing in the United States, and even our baseball players are taking notice.

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