‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Asks Gluten Free Health Nuts If They Know What Gluten Is, With Hilarious Results

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'Jimmy Kimmel Live' went out to a popular exercise spot to quiz supposedly gluten free individuals on just what the heck "gluten" actually is.


Now Kids Are Putting Burt’s Bees On Their Eyelids To Get High Or Something

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Let's take a look at a future leader of America BEEZ out with some Burt's Bees on his eyelids.


The New Trend All The Cool Kids Are Doing: Snorting Smarties

By | 27 Comments

All the coolest kids are snorting Smarties. Or the dumbest. We're not sure which.


A Nice Lady From Florida Got A Tattoo On Her Butthole Over The Weekend

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Butthole tattoos are the new anal bleaching. You heard it here first.

#Jay Z


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Hundreds of miles removed, Summer Jam wasn't of much consequence for me.

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