All The 2018 Food Trends You Should Try Before The Year Ends


Food trends come. Food trends go. The best food trends stay. Some moments in the food and drink world feel big but end up fizzling before they can ever take hold. One day everyone is raving about colossal milkshakes, the next day those shakes are being banned for having too much sugar. It’s a wild world out there, kids.

Every once in a blue moon, a trend seems to come out of nowhere and become a longstanding national, even international, phenom. Think cheffed up burgers. Even ten years ago, big restaurant-style burgers weren’t that common across the United States outside of the major metro centers. Today, you can get a cheffed up burger in Moscow, Cape Town, and Billings.

2018 has seen its share of trends. Most fade quickly. The over-sugary rainbow-this and mermaid-that era is so forgotten that it feels like a dream. Over-stuffed doughnuts are also losing their luster, as are the aforementioned shakes, as we come to grips with the damage processed sugars have on all of us. On the other side of the trend spectrum, international sensations have finally made it to U.S. shores. Case in point, there’s matcha everything now. Hell, there are even matcha-dipped strawberries. Will it last? We really aren’t sure on that one. Matcha sure is tasty though.

Then there are the trends that’ll transcend the very word, by becoming a mainstay of the national food conversation for years to come. Below is a short list of ten food trends that hit the national food psyche this year that seem to have staying power. These are the best food and drink trends that are actually worth seeking out and trying for yourself right now.

CHEF’D UP BREAKFAST SANDWICHES (126,996 Instagram posts)

Chef’d up breakfast sammies feels like an easy win. This trend combines crucial elements that equate to long-lasting success. There’s elevation. There’s photogenic merit. There’s nostalgia wrapped in deliciousness. It’s something that just works, reborn through a new generation’s lens.

Lastly, it’s amazingly adaptable to your taste. Want a bagel instead of an English muffin? Sausage and bacon? All the cheese? The runniest of eggs? An extra layer of crispy hash brown? Go. For. It.

KATSU SANDO (5,860 Instagram posts)

Coming in hot from Japan this year is the Katsu Sando. This sandwich has some serious legs thanks to being both huge overseas and deceptively simple.

Two pieces of soft white bread generally house a piece of katsu chicken (similar to a fried chicken sandwich). Then there’s a light, tangy, and umami sauce. Those are the foundational elements. From there, chefs are adding wild additions from red sauce and cheese a la Italian-American cuisines to katsu beef filets with truffles and blue cheese. It’s really a wonderland of flavors that can lead, basically, anywhere. All of this potential for remixes and riffs means that this is a sandwich worth finding and eating immediately — in any form.

MAKE-OUR-OWN CONDIMENTS (12,561 Instagram posts)

This one’s a big win in that you don’t have to travel to take part in. It’s all on you. Making your own condiments feels like a throwback to simpler times that also allows you to take control of your food future.

Look at it this way. Say you don’t dig on industrial ketchup? Make your own, yo! Ketchup is versatile and awesome. Tinker with a recipe of fish sauce, smoked tree syrups, paprika, tomato, and spices until you find your ketchup soul mate. Same goes for mayo, aioli, and even salad dressings.