All The Food Trends We Want To See Shine (And Die) In 2018

Din Tai Fung

It’s 2018! Time to ring in the new year with predictions of what you’re going to spend the next 365 days gorging yourself on. The past is dead — get ready for chefs to change the whole dang game on your palate.

Okay, not exactly. In actuality, food changes a little more slowly than music or TV trends. Ideas hit the 5-star scene and slowly trickle down, growing cheaper and more reductive, until Red Robin finally puts fries with truffle oil on the menu.

Point being, many of our 2017 food trends are still in play (for what it’s worth, we nailed our predictions). Nevertheless, this new year calls for new opinions about what you’ll find on your plate in the year to come and we’re never short on opinions around these parts.

Here’s what we want more of and what we could do without in 2018.

— Steve Bramucci, Food Editor, Uproxx

What Steve Wants To See More Of:

Soup Dumplings

Do you know about soup dumplings? If not, it’s high time. These steamed dumplings have a bit of bone broth gelatin in them, which eventually melts and becomes liquid. So they literally burst in your mouth — like that 90s candy, Gushers. If a savory dumpling full of broth isn’t your cup of tea… we can’t help you. Try it once and then @ us.