People Are Reminiscing About The Good OIe Days Of MySpace

Right now, Millenials on Twitter are reminiscing about the days of MySpace which means somewhere, millions of Zoomers are making fun of them for being old. With 55.6K tweets, the social media platform is one of the morning’s top trends as people remember a day when the world’s most popular social media platform wasn’t aiding in the erosion of American democracy, and we all, for better or worse, knew a little bit of HTML.

Twitter users are even noting the differences between Myspace co-founder (and everyone’s first friend) Thomas Anderson (aka Tom) and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Tom, it appears, has lived a pretty chill life since stepping away from Myspace. According to Business Insider, Tom sold Myspace in 2005 for $580 million dollars and is currently enjoying a life traveling the world and posting wildly vivid photos on his Instagram page, which undoubtedly makes him the coolest person who was ever in your Top 8.

While everyone on Twitter is busy remembering everything that made Myspace great, let’s not forget how much of a mess some people’s pages were (we weren’t all great at coding), how annoying hidden music players were, and just how friendship ruining the Top 8 could actually be. It’s likely that the things that we remember most fondly about the days of Myspace aren’t actually any of the platform’s features, but rather the fact that parents were too out of touch to use it when we were all blissfully unaware teenagers or preteens. If Myspace were around today, just think of how insane those bulletins would be!

That Myspace Music was fire though.