Watch These Australian Newsreaders Get Into An Epic ‘Anchorman’-Style Brawl

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A group of newscasters showed off their sense of humor and their combat skills in an 'Anchorman' homage video with plenty of bloodshed.


Chozen, The White Gay Rapper – “Murder, Sex” Video

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A gay white rapper talking that murder murder, kill kill...and zombie sex, of course.


Check Out This Local News Team’s ‘Anchorman’ Tribute


The WTKR First at Four news crew in Virginia put together one heck of a goofy tribute to 'Anchorman' and the awful styles of the 1970s in general.


The Infamous Gay Rapper Finally Has A Name & Face

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Ready or not, rap world, here comes Chozen.

William Masters

‘Masters Of Sex’ Is Showtime’s New ‘Homeland’ For Better Or Worse

By | 23 Comments

How long can Masters of Sex sustain its creative momentum before it runs into what we’ll call the “Showtime problem?”


‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-Off “Better Call Saul” Actually Happening

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Words by Alec Bojalad It's been rumored for a long time but it looks like Bob Odenkirk's sleazy lawyer, Saul Goodman, of Breaking Bad fame is actually, for-real, cross-AMC's-heart-and-hope-to-die getting his own spin-off show.


Let’s Watch 20 Minutes Of ‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 5 Bloopers Because

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Words by Alec Bojalad If there were an Emmy category for gag reels, Parks and Recreation would sweep every year, with Chris Pratt taking home a trophy for Best Male.


This ‘Homeland’ Season 3 Trailer Is A Thriller

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Words by Alec Bojalad Knowing that nearly every ounce of the nation’s attention is directed at the season premiere of Breaking Bad, Showtime has attempted to make a dent of its own in the cultural consciousness with its big gun: the first trailer for Homeland’s third season.


Here Comes The Pain: Watch The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Trailer

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Words by Alec Bojalad After two let’s say “avante-garde-punch-throwing-wall-exploding” teasers, Sons of Anarchy has released season six’s first full trailer, and yes, there is still plenty of punch throwing.


Orlando Shaw, Man Who Fathered 22 Kids With 14 Women, Might Get A Reality Show

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Orlando Shaw, the man who fathered 22 kids with 14 women, claims to have signed a deal for his very own reality show.


This New Zealand News Animation Is Hilarious

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In a recent clip from New Zealand's 3 News, a story about a dog that attacked several vehicles' tires received a rather humorous animation treatment.

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