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Ricky Gervais Talked About The Time He Accidentally Peed On His Girlfriend

Ricky Gervais recalled embarrassing events behind the night he got too drunk and ended up peeing on his girlfriend.


‘The Main Drain’ Is Here To Help Solve The Problem Of Leaving The Toilet Seat Up


The Main Drain is the newest Kickstarter project that seeks to change the way you live your life, namely while using the bathroom.

TGI Fridays

If You’re Looking For A Party This New Year’s Eve, TGI Friday’s In Times Square Is Here To Help For $300


If you've ever wanted to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square, TGI Friday's thinks it has the perfect deal for you.


Chelsea Handler Comes Clean About Jason Biggs Peeing In Her Face


Who wouldn't want to pee on Chelsea Handler's face?


Boise State's QB Took A Lie Detector Test To Prove He Didn't Pee Off A Hotel Balcony


Boise State QB Joe Southwick took a lie detector test to prove that he didn't pee from a hotel balcony in Hawaii last week.


With Leather’s Watch This: A Brazilian Reporter Drank Lyoto Machida’s Urine


One of the things that I often forget about when we talk about Lyoto Machida is that he drinks his own urine.


Johnny Football Gets Pissed On, Drinks Bevo Vomit In Latest Taiwan Animation


I put that image up top so you'd know I wasn't f**king around with that headline.


With Leather’s Watch This: Haha, That Radio Bro Had Pee Spilled All Over Him


From the folks at Awful Announcing comes this two-headed precautionary tale that either tells us: 1) If you’re sports talk radio hosts and you want to do something as zany and radical as conducting your own urine tests in the wake of news that Major League Baseball is still pissed about the way Ryan Braun figuratively pissed in its face and “seeks to” suspend him and 19 other players over what some juice quack claims, then you should make sure someone qualified handles those urine samples.


New Cleveland Tourism Idea: Never Show This Browns Fan Piss Bucket Video To Anyone


There have been a lot of videos that exemplified the Cleveland experience -- the "Factory Of Sadness" and hastily-made tourism videos among them -- but none quite so beautifully as this one.


Mario Balotelli Is An Ape, Says Totally Not Racist Italian Newspaper


Soccer racism is something we rarely talk about at With Leather, because 1) it's one of those ridiculous, inexcusable traditions hanging on as "part of the sport" because people in Europe never officially got a Civil Rights movement, and 2) we never write about soccer.

who thinks of this stuff anyway?

Pee-Powered Fuel Cells: The Power Stream of the Future

For anything, be it a medical problem or a scientific advance, somebody is going to figure out a way to somehow involve urine.

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