Before Hollywood Ruins Them: 15 Sci-Fi and Supernatural Scripts On The 2011 Black List

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In 2005, Franklin Leonard was working as a development exec at Appian Way, Leonardo DiCaprio's production company.


Twilight: Breaking Dawn? More Like Twilight: Shaking Dawn


ABC is reporting cases of seizures related to photosensitive epilepsy being triggered by the childbirth scene in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, which opened this weekend.


Kate Beckinsale In A Leather Catsuit Again? If You Insist.


Did you know they just made a fourth Underworld movie.


You Knew It Was Coming: The Greatest Halloween Pet Costumes You’ll See This Year

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When it comes to dressing animals up in funny costumes, I’m a total hypocrite.


Kate Beckinsale is naked sorta!

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Here's Kate Beckinsale sorta naked in Underworld 3, which is sorta a movie.


‘Haunted Gay Vampire Ring’ & Morning Links

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There's no way I could sum this up better than commenter BK when I showed this to her, "One ring to rule the mall.


The Goon Battles Sparkly Twilight Vampires And Their Fans


Today's issue of paranormal comic The Goon (written by Eric Powell and colored by Dave Stewart) will take on sparkly boy band vampires and their fans.


How’d You Like A Free Home Mortgage?


Adzookie is a brand new advertising firm that has already drawn considerable interest and scorn for its first major marketing campaign.


Alan Tudyk and Robin McLeavy Join ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’


Hey, remember when Australian actress Robin McLeavy was rumored to be cast in Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov’s adaptation of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" as Lincoln's crazy wife.


Hollywood is not even pretending that they’re still trying

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Jonah Hill is in negotiations to make his directing debut, and don't get me wrong: I like Jonah Hill.


Trent Reznor Scoring And Acting In “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

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If you had told me back in the 90s that someday I'd be writing about Oscar winner Trent Reznor composing the music and acting in a movie about Abraham Lincoln hunting vampires, I'd have bought some weed from you and I'd also ask you why I would be writing stuff since I'd be far too busy running my handcrafted shoes for cats business in the future.


New Mary Todd Lincoln Cast In “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”


My only regret for what I am about to do is that I forgot to do it yesterday on Presidents' Day.


Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson Is Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter


If you like your vampire killers more bearded and top-hatted than Buffy, you're no doubt excited about the upcoming movie adaptation of the novel Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.


New Characters for ‘True Blood’

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Over the first three seasons of "True Blood," HBO has given us a world populated with sexy vampires, sexy werewolves, sexy shape-shifters, sexy telepaths, and sexy mythological demigods.



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In January, I warned you of the possibility that MTV would remake George Romero's Dawn of the Dead.


Zombies Vs. Vampires. Yes, Really.

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If something is so predictably lame and cliched that it can be used as a punchline, Hollywood will greenlight it.


Hop Aboard The Wayback Machine: Morgan Freeman’s Vampire Bath Song


The week after the San Diego Comic-Con is always a ridonkulously slow news time, so let's do what needs to be done whenever the news cycle slows down: chug Vicks 44 straight from the bottle find a classic clip of Morgan Freeman taking a bath in a coffin, while singing.


Every Will Smith family member makes movies now

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Possible Scientologist and boringest man in Hollywood Will Smith (he's the Tiger Woods of movies, pre-affairs) reportedly has a new project on his plate.

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