This Pretty Lady Has An Ugly Suprise Hiding In Her Mouth

By | 24 Comments

This is probably the last video you'll watch on the internet.

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Do The Ice Bucket Challenge While Riding A Horse

By | 12 Comments

Please do not attempt the Ice Bucket Challenge while riding a horse. You will end up in pain.

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Keyboard Cat Shows Patriotic Feline Flair On ‘God Save The Queen’


Our favorite musically inclined tabby returns with the British anthem.

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Adorable Kid Gets Interviewed At County Fair, ‘Apparently’ Steals The Show On Live Television

By | 20 Comments

Noah Ritter gets interviewed at the county fair and steals the show. He will forever be know as 'Apparently Kid' moving forward.

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Someone’s Aunt Joanie Drank Too Much And It Led To Maybe The Worst Faceplant Ever

By | 14 Comments

Aunt Joanie drank too much, got on a bike and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.

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The Internet Has Already Created A Remix Of DMX Screaming On That Amusement Park Ride


DMX went on an amusement park ride and entertained everyone with his screams. Now there's a remix.

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Prank Caller To LA News Station: UCLA Campus Flooded Because ‘Someone Took A Really Large Dump’

By | 8 Comments

"Louis Slungpue" pranked an LA news station during a UCLA campus flood, saying the incident was due to "someone taking a really large dump."


Just The Plot: Watch Episodes Of ‘Seinfeld,’ ‘Friends,’ And ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Without All The Jokes

By | 10 Comments

Someone stripped all of the jokes from episodes of Seinfeld, Friends, and The Big Bang Theory. The results are mesmerizing.

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Woman Changes Mind About Jumping Off High Dive At The Last Second, Leading To Horrific Blooper

By | 15 Comments

A woman who changed her mind about jumping off a diving board at the very last second endures a painful blooper.

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Best Pediatrician Ever? Watch This Doctor Make A Baby Laugh While Giving Him Shots.

By | 5 Comments

Watch this hero pediatrician deftly distract his little patient with magician-level sleight of hand.


Here Are The Nine Most Ridiculous Workout Videos To Ever Hit The Internet

By | 2 Comments

Watch the nine most insane workout clips to ever hit the internet, all in one video.

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This Kid’s High-Speed Go-Kart Parking Job Is Better Than Anything You’ll See In Mario Kart

By | 8 Comments

Watch a youngster pull off an incredible high-speed, winding parking job in his go-kart.


A Ridiculous Brawl Between Drunk Russians Gets The Hilarious ‘Street Fighter’ Treatment It Deserves

By | 4 Comments

A ridiculous fight between to Russian drunks only gets funnier when it receives the Street Fighter treatment.

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Check Out This Extreme Dog Riding On Top Of His Owner’s Pickup

By | 6 Comments

This dog takes the cake when it comes to being extremely awesome. Deal with it.

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Tour De France Stage Winner Tries To Kiss Podium Girl, Gets Sternly Rejected

By | 6 Comments

Vicenzo Nibali tried to plant a kiss on a podium girl after winning the second stage of the Tour de France. It didn't go very well.


Start Your Fourth Of July Festivities Right: With These Exploding Baby Goats Singing The National Anthem


A chorus of patriotic American goats scream their way through the national anthem. Also, they explode.

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This Video Of A Canadian UFO Sighting Is Our Generation’s Double Rainbow

By | 10 Comments

The Canadian Bill Murray spots three UFOs in the Ontario sky in attack formation.

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