A Guy Filmed Himself Almost Getting Crushed By An Out-Of-Control 18 Wheeler On An Icy Highway

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This man catches an 18 wheeler on tape as it nearly avoids making him into a road pancake.


Watch This Guy Leap Into A Lake To Save His Drone After It Loses Power Mid-Flight

By | 7 Comments

Zwier Spanjer spent a whole day playing with his new DJI Phantom 2. The only problem? Batteries don't last forever!


World’s Worst Knife Thrower Hits Assistant TWICE On Live TV

By | 12 Comments

A knife thrower competing on 'Lithuania's Got Talent' managed to skewer his assistant in the hand AND head.

#Guardians of the Galaxy

This Dog Is The Biggest ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Fan You’ll Ever See

By | 4 Comments

Shelby the dog loves Rocket Raccoon more than you've ever loved anything.

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This Bus Driver Demonstrates Why You Should Never Start A Fight With A Bus Driver

By | 6 Comments

This Chilean bus driver wasn't sticking around to let these guys attack him, so escapes and makes sure they can't follow in one swift move.


Anonymous Just Gave A Big Middle Finger To Florida In Response To Their Controversial Homeless Laws

By | 31 Comments

The hacktivist group has targeted Ft. Lauderdale after the city passed laws targeting the homeless and aid workers.


Watch Musician Bob Geldof Get Booted From Sky News For Repeatedly Saying ‘Bollocks’

By | 5 Comments

Bob Geldof is at it again, this time letting loose with some swear words on Sky News.

U.S. Military

‘Yankee Go Home!': Dramatic Footage Shows Turkish Protesters Attacking U.S. Sailors In Istanbul

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"Yankee go home!" A group of Turkish protesters attack U.S. Servicemen in Istanbul.

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Watch Nick Saban And Les Miles Share A Heartwarming Moment Before Saturday’s Game

By | 3 Comments

Les Miles thanked Nick Saban for sending condolences after the death of his mother.


Watch What Happened To This Jets Fan Who Spent Five Hours Walking Around New York City

By | 20 Comments

Walking the streets of New York as a Jets fan is just as hilarious as it sounds.

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This Sorority Girl Moves Like Barry Sanders On The Football Field

By | 11 Comments

Let's just go ahead and let this woman start for the Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday.


Two Pastors And A 90-Year-Old Man Could Face Jail Time For Feeding The Homeless In Florida

By | 20 Comments

The city of Ft. Lauderdale might want to rethink how they go about enforcing their new homeless laws.


Watch This Kid Try To Walk Into His House After Having His Wisdom Teeth Removed

By | 5 Comments

This 18-year-old manages to walk on rubber legs, fight his reflection, and run from Halloween decorations. Thanks, surgery!


This San Francisco Tour Guide Lets Chinatown Know How She Really Feels

By | 6 Comments

This video shows an awful San Francisco tour guide unleashing a racist rant over everything she hates about Chinatown.


This Pretty Lady Has An Ugly Suprise Hiding In Her Mouth

By | 24 Comments

This is probably the last video you'll watch on the internet.

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