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Watch Your Favorite TV And Movie Characters Hilariously React To The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Purple Wedding

By | 17 Comments

See how some of your favorite movie and TV characters reacted to Game of Thrones' infamous Purple Wedding. Spoiler alert: Hilariously.


Baby Goes Through Car Wash For The First Time, Has Tiny Mind Blown

By | 8 Comments

Ah, to be young again. Everything is new and exciting. And sometimes it's like a gripping acid trip.

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The Motorcycle Rope Swing Is The Pinnacle Of Human Innovation

By | 4 Comments

This clip has "America, F*CK YEAH!" written all over it.

viral video

‘The Simpsons’ Paid Tribute To David Letterman By Taking Their Couch Gag Inside The Ed Sullivan Theater

By | 13 Comments

The Simpsons paid tribute to the retiring Letterman with a customized couch gag that took the family right onto the Late Show set.

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This Devilishly Awkward Prank A Student Played On Her Teacher Might Be The Year’s Best April Fools Moment

By | 6 Comments

A clever student uses her professor's strict anti-cell phone policy against him, with hilarious results.


The Best Fails Of The Week


The funniest and most painful mishaps from the first week of April, all in one video.


Security Camera Catches Dogs Desperately Trying To Alert FedEx Driver As His Truck Rolls Down A Hill

By | 4 Comments

Watch as a poor FedEx employee's truck makes a daring escape and rolls away, all while a yard full of dogs tries to alert him.


The Internet Exists So We Can Watch This Ambitious Dog Faceplant Into A Couch In Slow Motion

By | 6 Comments

The lovable, oblivious stupidity of every dog you've ever encountered, perfectly packed into 26 seconds of slow motion hilarity.

jimmy fallon

Sarah Palin Took A Break From Her Reality Show To Play Pretend Politician On 'The Tonight Show'

By | 22 Comments

Sarah Palin stopped by The Tonight Show to talk some sense into Vladimir Putin (Jimmy Fallon).


Here Are Some True Facts About The Octopus, The Floppy Floppy Spider Of The Sea


Ze Frank returns to tell us all about the octopus. Also known as the floppy floppy spider of the sea.


'The Wolf Of Buzzfeed' Is The Best 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Parody Yet


A new contender emerges for best 'Wolf of Wall Street' trailer parody.

billy on the street

Billy Eichner Doesn't Like Basketball So He Held A Pregnant Lady Trivia Contest Called 'The Vaginal Four'

By | 2 Comments

Billy Eichner couldn't care less about March Madness. But he does care about pregnant ladies.


'Lannista's Paradise' Is The Badass Theme Song Tyrion Lannister Has Long Deserved

By | 5 Comments

Brace yourself, a 'Game of Thrones'-themed rap album is coming.


Celebrate Opening Day By Watching The Worst Ceremonial First Pitches In Baseball History

By | 6 Comments

It's not officially Opening Day until someone totally biffs a ceremonial first pitch.

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