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5 Reasons You Should Buy The Wii U Over The PS4 Or Xbox One This Holiday

By | 32 Comments

Let's not forget about the Wii U amongst all the Xbox One and PS4 hype...

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You Can Plug Your PS4, Wii U Or Even Your Xbox One Into Your Xbox One

By | 10 Comments

You can plug pretty much anything with an HDMI cable into your Xbox One...

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Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown: Ten Minutes Of 'Super Mario 3D World' Gameplay

By | 3 Comments

Earlier this week we saw the trailer for 'Super Mario 3D World'. Now we have ten minutes of gameplay from the Wii U platformer.

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Nintendo Direct Roundup: New Kirby, No Donkey Kong In 2013 And A Shake-up For Zelda

By | 6 Comments

Nintendo fills the world in on Wii U and 3DS games coming out in 2013 and early-2014...

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8 Nintendo Games (Other Than ‘Wind Waker’) Crying Out For An HD Re-Release

By | 16 Comments

Here are 8 under-appreciated beauties from the Gamecube and Will that could use an HD re-release...

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Nintendo Kickstarts Their Money Machine With An Updated ‘Wii Sports’

By | 10 Comments

A new downloadable 'Wii Sports' with online play? Who is this new company masquerading as Nintendo?

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Review: The Pikmin Finally Find The Game They Deserve In ‘Pikmin 3′

By | 3 Comments

The Pikmin have always been cute, but now they've found the proper foundation...

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Four ‘Solutions’ To Nintendo’s Problems That Won’t Work

By | 21 Comments

Nintendo is still doing well, but struggling nonetheless. Here are a few "solution", and why they won't work.

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6 Games Nintendo Could (Very Realistically) Make To Turn The Wii U Into A Must-Have System

By | 30 Comments

Could Nintendo turn the Wii U around with software alone? They could if they made these games...

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Nintendo Clarifies How Bad The Wii U Situation Is: Very Bad

By | 53 Comments

The Wii U is facing a staggering sales decline, to the point where you've got to wonder if the clock is ticking on the system.

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‘Sonic Lost World’ Has Some Interesting Power-Ups

By | 3 Comments

You can turn into a bouncing pink music note in the new Sonic game. Yup.

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5 Simple Features That Would Make Next-Gen Consoles Far More Enticing

By | 26 Comments

These simple features would get me in line for the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One...

Wii U

The Wii U Shows Off Its Indie-Cred In A Massive Fan Edited Trailer

By | 2 Comments

Fans have put together a new trailer that does a better job of selling the Wii U than most of what Nintendo has done...

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Gazing Into The Gaming Crystal Ball: GammaSquad’s E3 Predictions And Odds

By | 24 Comments

What's going to happen next week at E3? We lay down the odds...

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The Basic Wii U Might Be Gone For Good

By | 12 Comments

The Basic Wii U might be a little too basic.

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Why The Wii U’s Struggles Should Make Sony And Microsoft Worry

By | 20 Comments

The Wii U is struggling for relevance. And that should worry its competitors, as they're in the exact same boat.

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Why The Wii U Needs A New Kind Of Third-Party Support

By | 9 Comments

The Wii U needs more video games, and it's not going to get them from traditional publishers. So why not go with the non-traditional ones?

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