Alvin Gentry Downed A Couple Beers Before Meeting The Media After The Pelicans Beat The Jazz

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Alvin Gentry has not been having a lot of fun. In his fourth season at the helm of the New Orleans Pelicans, the wheels have fallen off and the engine has blown up. Anthony Davis’ trade request turned what had been a fairly standard season into what Gentry recently referred to as a “dumpster fire.”

Gentry, caught between a front office that would prefer to bench Davis for the rest of the season until they can trade him this summer and a league mandating that they play him, has looked despondent in his post game press conferences, sometimes genuinely at a loss for words as to what’s transpired over the last month.

The Pels are out of the playoff race, about to lose their franchise cornerstone, and still have nearly six weeks left to play before the conclusion of the 2018-2019 NBA season. So after defeating a very good Utah Jazz team on Monday night, Gentry finally decided to have a little fun.

After stumbling through an answer about how the Jazz were hurting his team early with their big men on the pick and roll, Gentry paused, then broke into a big smile.

“Excuse me, I had a couple of beers,” Gentry said, before breaking into a fit of giggles, not unlike that time you came home from a party during winter break only to find your parents surprisingly still awake.

If there’s any coach that deserves a few cold ones after a win, it’s Gentry. This has been a season from hell, and Gentry has had no control over anything that’s transpired around him.