The Lakers Are Reportedly The ‘Leader In The Clubhouse’ In The Anthony Davis Sweepstakes

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The 2019 NBA Finals is the focus of the basketball world and the 2019 NBA Draft is looming as a point of pointed interest. However, the Anthony Davis sweepstakes is heating up and the information is flying around as a result. In recent days, word broke that the New Orleans Pelicans are reportedly open to multi-team deals involving Davis and, in more specific terms, rumblings exist that Davis himself is “focused” on the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers for his next destination. However, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski shed interesting light on the situation on Monday evening, placing the Lakers as the “leader in the clubhouse” when it comes to landing Davis.

“The Lakers,” Wojnarowski said when asked which team was in the lead. “Because they have the leverage of knowing that Anthony Davis wants to sign with them in free agency in 2020, and the rest of the league knows that, and that there is some risk in trading for Davis.”

It isn’t a shock to see (or, in this case, hear) the Lakers referenced as a prominent suitor for Davis, simply because there has been a longstanding view that he wants to end up in Los Angeles. With that said, the existence of the No. 4 overall pick only helps the Lakers when compared to the well-publicized package they could offer prior to February’s trade deadline. Beyond that, Wojnarowski’s reporting is noteworthy in that other teams could conceivably hold back on premium offers if the prevailing sentiment is that Davis’ free agent plans are set in stone, even at this early juncture.

Wojnarowski went on to note that the Pelicans, with their desire to have added 2019 draft picks, would prefer a deal is done by this weekend so they can bring in potential picks for workouts and meetings.

There will almost assuredly be additional twists and turns with this saga but, for now, the NBA’s leading news-breaker believes that Lakers are in pole position.

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