Totally Legitimate And Foolproof Ways To Win Your Bracket Pool

03.15.17 2 years ago

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It’s March Madness season, otherwise known as the most wonderful time of the year. Bracket-busting Cinderella stories! Lording your basketball pool win over friends and co-workers! Everybody (well, not everybody) openly hating Duke!

While sports media looks forward to the NCAA tournament, not everybody gets as into it as some of us do. And you know what? That’s cool. You’re allowed to like different sports stuff than everyone else! A soccer fan can see the beauty of a nil-nil draw, but might not get as excited about single-game elimination tournaments played by unpaid student athletes. It happens.

If your love of being included in things outweighs your disinterest/lack of knowledge of college hoops, don’t worry. There are plenty of guides out there, helpfully put together by statisticians and people who really dig math and probability, but that’s boring and nobody has time for that. Instead, we’ve worked hard to come up with five legitimately foolproof ways to figure out your March Madness brackets that in absolutely no way will fail and embarrass you in front of your loved ones.*

* Results not guaranteed, please don’t sue me. I’m a sportswriter, I have nothing to give you but varying degrees of takes.

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