Blake Griffin Doesn’t See LeBron James In L.A. And Thinks A Banana Boat Reunion Is Brewing

08.20.17 1 year ago 3 Comments

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LeBron James’ impending free agency in 2018 has become the most talked about story of the dog days of the 2017 offseason, as his future has become critical to the Cavaliers’ present as they look to move Kyrie Irving. The Cavs are preparing for a potential rebuild in case James bolts for a second time, as he’s been rumored to be considering.

Most have pegged the Lakers as the most likely destination for James, as he has an L.A. home and a budding entertainment company, which makes it sensible to want to be in Los Angeles. The Clippers seem like a long shot to land him now that his good buddy Chris Paul is in Houston, but as L.A.’s other team, they have to still feel like they could have a shot.

However, Blake Griffin, who just re-signed with the Clippers this summer, has a different feeling about James’ upcoming free agency decision. Griffin went on the Sklar Brothers podcast “View from the Cheap Seats” and explained his LeBron free agency theory, while also couching it hard by noting that no one, including himself, knows anything and it’s all just speculation. That said, his speculation is quite interesting.

Griffin was first asked about James joining the Clippers, to which he noted “it’d be insane, but I don’t see that happening,” and then he offered up his theory about what will happen next summer.

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