The Nets Celebrated Their Biggie-Inspired City Jerseys By Asking ‘Where Brooklyn At?’


The Brooklyn Nets don’t have the best City Jerseys in the NBA, but to be fair to them, the competition was pretty tough. The Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves had some truly stunning entries into the race this year, and teams like Denver and Milwaukee weren’t far behind.

But the joy of City Jerseys and the concepts behind them are that they mean something special to the fans of that specific team and region in which the team plays, and you could certainly argue that the Nets have the best in the league in that regard. Brooklyn’s usual subtle color palate is interrupted by a splash of Coogi, modeled after the famous sweaters worn by the borough’s favorite son, The Notorious B.I.G.

The jerseys are nice, and Brooklyn’s chance to wear them at home on Saturday night against the Los Angeles Clippers meant the gameday presentation staff went all-out with a pump up video that aired at Barclays Center before the game started. It featured a ton of Coogi, and of course, plenty of Biggie.

Biggie asked “where Brooklyn at?” as Coogi neon lit up the sights of Brooklyn. It was a super cool way to tie the jersey into the team itself, and pay tribute to a Brooklyn icon.

There were even Coogi shooting sleeves, which are pretty dope.

One casualty of player safety, however, was the special floor the Nets had planned for the occasion.

This just goes to show that you gotta go full themed court here, because those vinyl adhesives just aren’t good enough.

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