Of Course Chad Johnson Was One Of The First To Buy The Lonzo Ball Shoes

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Big Baller Brand, the startup apparel company from LaVar Ball, launched its first sneaker on Thursday with the unveiling of the ZO2, Lonzo Ball’s signature basketball shoe. The sneaker will cost $495, which caused backlash from the likes of Shaq and others around the internet that couldn’t help but find the discrepancy in price between the first BBB shoe and other signature shoes from Nike, Jordan, adidas, and others to be ridiculous.

However, there is support for Big Baller Brand out there, and it seems that some of it is coming from fellow athletes who want to support the fledgling brand that’s trying to do the impossible and carve out a niche in a world dominated by a very few large corporations.

Chad Johnson wants to support Lonzo Ball and the Ball family in their endeavor, so he made sure he was one of the first to pre-order the ZO2, and let the world know on his Instagram.

Johnson says he isn’t trying to be a hypebeast, and insists that his motives are to simply support Lonzo.

He’s not alone. Arian Foster is also among those supporting the Ball family and their ambition to try and start their own company, as he placed an order on Thursday, although not for the shoes.

Hip-hop artists Nipsey Hussle and Earl Sweatshirt are also on board with the Big Baller Brand movement.

Big Baller Brand might not be for everyone, but there’s clearly some genuine support for what the Ball family is trying to do.