CJ Miles’ Wife Is Praying That Draymond Green Doesn’t Kick Her Husband In The Balls

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C.J. Miles is a member of the Indiana Pacers. On Monday night, the Pacers played the Golden State Warriors, who have Draymond Green on their roster. Green is known for kicking opponents in the genitals (and other areas), and no one likes to be kicked in the genitals.

Some of Green’s kicks include the following body parts:

the butt
the head
the chest
the face
the testicles
the testicles

Lauren Miles, the wife of C.J. Miles, has a vested interest in having her husband’s testicles remain intact, and she expressed her (completely understandable) concerns during the Pacers-Warriors game.

She’s joking, but really, yeah, that’s probably a real concern for the Miles household. Starting a family could be rendered impossible of Green flails so hard that he ruptures Miles’ testicles in an effort to draw a foul.

Remember on Friends when Monica and Chandler couldn’t have kids because she was barren and he was sterile? They should have an updated modern episode where Chandler and Ross play 2-on-2 vs. Green and Steph. Green will kick Chandler in the testicles and then he’ll say something like, “Could I *BE* in any more pain?” The audience will laugh and then the Bings would have to adopt.

The Warriors and Pacers won’t meet again this season, so now is the time to start that family.

(Lauren Miles on Twitter)